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Like us, dogs can run out of energy too! Power Bones are just what your dog needs for an extra boost while exercising or during any strenuous activity. They’re perfect to use during dog agility, canine fly ball or while running, hiking, even swimming with your dog. Since these treats aren't loaded with unhealthy additives, your dog will never crash. Zuke’s Power Bones are just chock-full of yummy natural energy.

Get your Zuke’s Power Bones , and check out how my own dog Boone the  likes them.

Yeah, I think brushing and RMBs/natural chews would be the way to go for Bruno. I have also tried the Blue Buffalo dental bones (once), and it gave him serious tummy troubles… So none of those anymore. I trust(ed?) Zuke’s more, I have used their training treats with no problems, so we’ll see.

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I’ve tried several dental bones for my dogs- Zuke’s is by far the favorite. Zuke’s makes a wide variety of dog treats ranging from to and more. Many of which Luna is already a big fan! Although I had used many of Zuke’s other products, I hadn’t tried Zuke’s Z-Bones with Luna before we had the opportunity to try them out.

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Give your dog something to wag about with Power Bones. Power Bones were the first Zuke’s treat created back in 1995 and are still the perfect treat to keep your pooch energized and ready for adventure. No need to worry about your four-legged running partner giving up before you do, feed him Power Bones and keep the fun going.

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Zuke’s Power Bones were the first treats created by the company back in 1995 and come in three flavors: Tasty Chicken Recipe, Tasty Beef Recipe, and Fresh Peanut Butter Recipe. Each flavor has the right amount of carbs in the forms of fruits and vegetables; combined with coconut oil for sustained energy and calories, your dog will be up hill all day.We like to go camping in our pop-up trailer at Wolf Creek Pass. It's a great place for families and their dogs -- although Iago ALWAYS prefers a beach in Mexico. On more relaxed days, we love lounging under our backyard palapa and hammocks in downtown Durango, where we can usually hear the band that is playing at one of the countless festivals on Main Avenue just a few blocks away. Iago, our Xoloitzquintli, loves every Zuke's treat, but especially the Lil' Links. Ruger can't wait for his daily Z-Bone, and loves it when I fill his busy toys with Mini Naturals and PowerBones.Unlike other some dental chews containing rawhide, Z-Bones are made of pea and potato so they are easily digestible. The Zuke’s website states that the texture of the Z-Bones are what helps to keep teeth clean by scraping an polishing your dog’s teeth. They are also filled with parsley and alfalfa, which help to naturally freshen breath. They even contain antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables!Fight doggy breath the natural way and give him something to wag about. Zuke’s® Z-Bones help freshen breath and clean teeth without wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll. Our potato-based chews maintain dental hygiene by scraping and polishing your dog’s teeth.