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Hose End Sprayer: Apply Yard + Garden to your outdoor areas, like the lawn and patio. Pests come from outside, so treating outdoors is critical to stopping the flea, tick and lifecycle. Using an 8oz dilution ratio, start at your home and spray top to bottom. Continue onto the lawn, working your way back to the fence line. Repeat until you've sprayed your yard and patio. There are two recommended application methods for treatment of a flea or tick problem:

We use cedar oil in mainly two (2) ways: as a lawn/yard treatment and sprayed directly on our clothing and/or bodies.

The use of nematodes is one of the best natural treatments to kill fleas and ticks in your yard. Available in spray form, and not visible to the naked eye, nematodes are beneficial worms that release a substance that is toxic to fleas and ticks. Nematodes are safe to use, and do not harm humans or animals. The infestation-controlling effects of nematodes often outlast other organic and chemical flea and tick treatments.

Yard Armour® Treatment Tips for Mosquitoes and Ticks

AMDRO Kills Fire Ants Yard Treatment Bait provides season-long fire ant control Take back your yard and enjoy the outdoors this summer . Our mosquito service treats the exterior of your home and lets you relax in your yard. With monthly mosquito services there is no expensive equipment to buy and is safe for children and pets. We can help whether you need service at your home or need a treatment at another location for a special outdoor event.

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The outdoors can be the best part of a lot of homes Unfortunatlely some pests might not let you enjoy your yard. One of the biggest pests in the yard is fire ants. These ants have a painful sting and can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Another pests in the yard that can cause discomfort is fleas. Fleas can live in your yard and climb on your pets causing a problem indoors. We recommend that you take back your yard with a yard treatment. An effective yard treatment involves applying a liquid and granular insecticide. We can treat yards for Fire Ants and other pests. We will treat the lawn with a product that controls ants, fleas, mole crickets and other pests. Spring through summer is the ideal time to have the lawn treated. Proctect your family and pets from these pests and schedule a treatment today.

Deer Tick Yard Treatment - Spring Pest Prevention for Your Health

Our Yard Armour® program targets ticks where they live and breed on your property. We use a comprehensive three-step treatment approach to knock them out.*These tiny, eight-legged parasites can hitch a ride on the back of almost any wandering animal; you don’t want them to land in your yard and start calling it home. Especially because ticks are known carriers of serious – and sometimes deadly – diseases, tick lawn treatment is essential to protect you, your family, and pets. As ticks continue to rise in record numbers, now is the time to take action. Contact Lawn Doctor today.