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We specializein gate hardware for wood or metal gates, door hardware along with barnhardware and a complete line of strap hinges that will accent any gateor door. And just added to the collection you will find a complete lineof window and shutter hardware.

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Mildew isn’t as big of a problem here in southern California as it is elsewhere in the country, but you may still develop of bit of mildew on your wood garage door or gate from time to time, especially if it is near a source of moisture such as a sprinkler system. Remove any mildew or dirt with a scrub brush, not a powerwasher, as the high-pressure spray from such a machine could damage some of the softer types of wood.

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Garden Decor, : Creative Timber Wooden Driveway Gate For Your Outdoor Home Decorating Design Ideas Our versatile chew-resistant freestanding extension kits, fashioned with a revolutionary hinge, provide truly limitless configurable variations for containing your pet. Made entirely of wood, this stylish two-paneled extension safely spans openings up to 36 inches wide and can be used by itself, or be easily attached to your current 360° Gate to allow for an even greater number of configurations and a larger play pen. Increase the length and span of your 360° Configurable Gate with a stylish two-paneled extension kit with convenient built-in door. When used in conjunction with the 360° Gate, your new gate is easily transformed into a 6 panel room divider which safely spans openings up to 108 inches wide. Extensions are 30 inches tall and rated for all sized pets. Distance between spindles is 1 7/8 inches. Finished in a beautiful walnut, this gate will look right at home in any room.

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Designed to contain your pet in one area, while allowing family members to easily move from room to room by simply stepping over the gate. Featuring a stylish natural wood design, this gate includes a convenient pet access door and pressure mounts for easy installation. Lightweight and portable, also makes it a great option for travel!

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- All iron gates, wood gates and wood garage doors can be
customized to your specifications including size, wood type,
arches, ironwork, glass, distress, carving, etc.double WOOD gate , HOW TO BUILD A WOOD GATE, WOOD FENCE, GATES, STRONG GATES, EASY TO BUILD GATES, WOODEN GATES, DOUBLE DOOR GATES, WOODEN DOUBLE GATES, BIG WOODEN GATES, BIG Gtes, 6 foot gates , tall gatesI think I found the gate/entry I want! Old door turned garden gate complete with stove flange for window! (by Her Ballistic Garden) door gate under simple pergola for wood fence painted stained grey address plate entry reclaimed barn doorGate latches are made specifically for outdoor use and are designed to accommodate seasonal wood movement. For a 4-foot tall gate, we recommend using a simple slam latch; for a 6-foot tall gate, we suggest installing an ornamental thumb latch. If you want a bit of extra security and want to provide for optimal protection for your loved ones, we recommend installing a latch with an added deadbolt.