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An electric dog fence is a great tool for teaching your dog about boundaries but should not be used as a fence. Your dog still needs supervision. An underground dog fence has wire that you bury underground. The wire needs to go from a signal box, around the perimeter and back to box. A dog collar reacts to a radio signal when your dog gets close to the wire. The dog will first hear a tone and then will receive a slight shock. A wireless dog fence has a signal box that you place in one remote area. There is a 180′ diameter circle. When your dog wearing the linked dog collar approaches the edge of the signal boundary, the dog will hear a tone followed by a slight shock.

Waterproof Wireless Electric Dog Fence System with Dog Shock Collar, Receiver.

Wireless fencing does use a mild electric shock to deter the cat from crossing the boundary, which bothers some pet owners who feel it is inhumane. Always use a collar designed for a cat to avoid delivering more of a jolt than necessary. A frightened cat or one focused on chasing prey may ignore the shock on the way out of the yard but be hesitant to cross the boundary line (and get shocked) again to re-enter the yard. Remember that, unlike traditional fencing, invisible fences will not keep other animals or predators out of the yard.

will they affect the wireless fencing ?

Shock collars are effective dog trainers, but not 100% pet-friendly. Choose between these wireless dog fences with no shock. Click link for the products.
The Wi-Fi Wire Free Dog Fence has a huge, circular range of up to 2.5 acres in diameter, so is well suited to users with a large garden or outdoor area. It comes with 50 training flags and a collar that has Comfort Contact points, intended to fit comfortably against the dog's neck. This wireless dog fence has multiple shock levels to choose from, as well as an audible warning tone. The kit comes with a single collar, but an additional collar is available so that two dog households can safely manage their

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The Petsafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence covers a circular area of up to 210 feet in diameter, providing a large, safe space for dogs 5 lbs. and over. It offers five adjustable levels of shocks for correction purposes, or an audible beep only. The collar is rechargeable, so negates the need to buy batteries on a regular basis.

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