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Silver Tone Wire Hair Combs - 20pcs - Silver Hair Combs

It could be cut with pliers if needed.

Perfect for making gorgeous bridal hair pieces, attaching cabochons, or other craft decorations.

Silver Tone Metal-Lead, Nickel and Cadmium Free

36mm Length of the teeth on the hair comb.

75mm Width of the hair comb piece.


Wholesale- free shipping 20pc lot black color mini hair combs for wig cap Steel Wire Comb hairpin ...

Combs add just the right hint of sparkle to any hairstyle. These combs look good and stay secure, from traditional twisted wire combs to more detailed styles with the comb on the back. Dress up a look or simply add some detail -- these combs will suit anyone at any event.

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STEEL WIRE COMB(54FEET) Clips Snap Clip for Hair Extension Wig black Hair Combs attach to wig caps A... Make sure the backside is flat by snipping away any raised edges with the wire cutters. Place the top of the on top of a dollop of E6000 glue. These mini haircombs from are perfect. Let it dry for at least 12 hours before wearing.

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Matte black metal hair comb, perfect for your diy hair accessories.

Easily attach your veil, flowers, pearls or whatever you fancy.

4 inch in length, solid wire construction.

Nickel and lead free.

Each order is for one comb.

No one wants to buy more than they need, I completely understand this, so I like to cater to the smaller, more personalized crafters who might only need a few specific items.

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6 Small Silver Metal Wire Hair Combs Hat Combs - Etsy

You simply make a bun with your natural hair, insert one comb under the bun and twist the ends around your bun. Insert the second comb from the top, so that the combs interlock for a secure fit and bend the wires around the top of the bun. Perfect for a quick, but elegant up-do and the secure fit makes this item very popular with dance teams, cheer teams and figure skaters. Care Instructions: Wash gently by hand in warm water using spray on shampoo and conditioner. Brush with wire hair brush.French auto-lock barrette backs will last for years, made from strong heavy-gauge steel with a spring and back that are all one part! Holes on the surface provide you with an extra secure gluing surface. Additional jewelry findings that work great for glue-on decorations include bobby pins with glue-pads, hair clips and hair claws. Hair combs, hair bands, and tiara blanks are ideal for wire wrapping and a whole lot more.