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This video is about the differences between wild cavies and guinea pigs as pets. Domestic guinea pigs developed quite a few different traits to wild cavies, such as social behavior, activity time, living in groups and herds, and responding well to man-made puzzles.

This video is about the differences between wild cavies and guinea pigs as pets. Domestic guinea pigs developed quite a few different traits to wild cavies, such .

Guinea Pigs for Children - Animals for Kids - Cute Pets. This fun guinea pig video shows lots of guinea pigs playing with their owners and guinea pigs eating. If you are looking for small pets for kids or pets for an apartment, guinea pigs are a great choice. Enjoy this collection of animals for kids.

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Guinea pig running wild - YouTube

Aug 5, 2014 - They compared 10 male guinea pigs to 8 wild cavies. All tests were done twice: during each phase of adolescence, and recorded on video. Click To Tweet!
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This video is a parody of the Girls Gone Wild series. I think it's funny. I hope you enjoy it!!!! (This is not a real advertisement so don't call that number lol)

Thanks to Jumoke for the thumbnail!!

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How to make simple Wild guinea pig trap | Wild guinea pig ..

The "guinea pig" , also called the "cavy", is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus "Cavia". Despite their common name, these animals are not in the pig family, nor are they from Guinea. They originated in the Andes, and earlier studies based on biochemistry and hybridization suggested they are domesticated descendants of a closely related species of cavy such as "Cavia aperea", "C. fulgida", or "C. tschudii" and, therefore, do not exist naturally in the wild. Recent studies applying molecular markers, in addition to studying the skull and skeletal morphology of current and mummified animals, revealed that the ancestor is most likely "Cavia tschudii".

The guinea pig plays an important role in the folk culture of many Indigenous South American groups, especially as a food source, but also in folk medicine and in community religious ceremonies. Since the 1960s, efforts have been made to increase consumption of the animal outside South America.

In Western societies, the guinea pig has enjoyed widespread popularity as a household pet since its introduction by European traders in the 16th century. Their docile nature and responsiveness to handling and feeding, and the relative ease of caring for them, continue to make the guinea pig a popular pet. Organizations devoted to competitive breeding of guinea pigs have been formed worldwide, and many specialized breeds of guinea pig, with varying coat colors and compositions, are cultivated by breeders.

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