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Whole Earth Farms also has seven kinds of grain free canned dog food: grain free adult, grain free puppy, grain free hearty chicken stew, grain free hearty turkey stew, grain free hearty beef stew, grain free chicken & turkey recipe, and grain free red meat recipe. Based on 12.7 ounce cans, these canned foods range between 8 and 10 percent crude protein and 3 and 6.5 percent crude fat. Calories range from about 290 to nearly 400 ME. They meet AAFCO approval for all life stages.

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Merrick’s Whole Earth Farms comes in three other dry dog food flavors: Adult (Chicken, Turkey, and Whitefish), Puppy (Chicken and Salmon), and for the dog’s with chicken allergies – Grain Free Lamb.

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My puppy, Hercules who is 10 weeks tomorrow was on Whole Earth Farms puppy food as that's what the breeder had him on. I had Merrick Whole Earth Farms on retail sites are good. Several flavors have over a hundred reviews with an overall 4.5 star rating. Whole Earth Farms puppy food reviews are just as good, with 4.5 stars on both the cans and the dry dog food.

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While all Whole Earth Farms™ dog foods meet the nutritional levels set by the AAFCO Dog Food for All Life Stages, the wet and dry puppy food do not meet the level set for growth.

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Whole Earth Farms™ dry food recipes were created as a truly holistic food at a value price, without compromising the quality of your beloved pet’s food. We take the best, healthy ingredients from the earth and mix them into a delicious daily meal. With multiple protein sources, vitamins and minerals, Whole Earth Farms™ provides your dog with the best the earth has to offer. Multiple proteins including chicken meal and salmon, plus dried blueberries, flavorful rosemary, sage and thyme are just a few of the nutritious ingredients you will find in our Whole Earth Farms™ Puppy Recipe Dog Food. Your puppy deserves the very best when it comes to nutrition, and Whole Earth Farms™ is exactly that.BTW, I placed this pup on a high calcium puppy food recommended to me by the Vet, and over a period of about 3 – 4 weeks, the leg is once again almost entirely straight. Me being the hyper-observant nitpicker that I am, I can still see a slight issue, but the problem resolved itself once the Whole Earth Farms was removed.