Our Winter White Dwarf Hamster Changing Colours (White – Grey)

Quick Look:
Cage Width: 15-1/2"
Cage Depth: 9-1/2"
Cage Height: 16"
Base Material: Durable Plastic
Bar Material: Coated Metal
Included Accessories: Drip resistant water bottle, solid surface running wheel, plastic food bowl, removable carrier built in.
Cubic Feet: 1.3
Suitable Housing For: 1-2 Dwarf Hamsters (Campbell Dwarf Hamsters and Winter White Dwarf Hamster pairs generally need more floor space, Roborovski pairs get along better in this cage)
Average Price: $25 - $45 New

A winter white hamster is a Djungarian hamster, that is also known as Russian dwarf hamster.

To maintain harmony, handle and give treats to all members of a dwarf hamster pair or colony each time any hamster is handled or given a treat. While their usual hamster mix can be served in a dish or by scattering it for them to gather, hand-fed treats reinforce a good relationship. Treats can include bits of fresh vegetables, but avoid fruits, corn and dairy products, because Winter White dwarf hamsters are susceptible to diabetes.

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russian dwarf hamster: winter white dwarf hamster Pet are known by many names, including dwarf hamsters, teddy bear hamsters and golden hamsters. The hamster species available today are usually one of five species: the , the , the , the and the . The Roborovski, Campbell’s and Winter White are known as Russian dwarf hamsters. The Syrian hamster is the largest species and sometimes referred to as a golden hamster. A longhaired Syrian hamster is sometimes called a teddy bear. Syrian hamsters are solitary and must have their own habitat. The dwarf hamsters can live together in same-species groups if introduced at a young age.

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Hi, i have been looking at getting a russian dwarf winter white hamster for a while but then i discovered that the min cage size for them is around 80x40cm and my room is too small for that. Do you have any ideas of what i could do. I obviously want the hamster to have enough room.

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

Russian dwarf, Winter White hamsters get their name from their ability to turn white in the winter months in their wild Russian habitat. In captivity they normally retain their dark grey colouring due to the presence of artificial heat and lighting. As well as dark grey you can also see Winter White dwarf hamsters with other colouring, such as marbled, sapphire, pearl and sapphire pearl. These cute little rodents have an average captive lifespan of between 1.5 and 2 years.Chinese dwarf hamsters are actually more correctly named simply Chinese hamsters, but they are often mistaken for a dwarf hamster because of their small stature and the dorsal stripe that they have in common with Winter White and Campbell’s dwarf hamsters. They have an average lifespan of 1.5 and 2 years.Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are the dwarf hamsters that are most often found in pet stores. In the wild they are found in China, Russia and in other areas of Central Asia. Their dark grey appearance is very similar to that of the Winter White, and they have a similar lifespan; averaging around 2 years.Below are some pictures of different colors of fancy Russian dwarf hamsters. Most of these are Campbell’s dwarf hamsters unless they are specifically referred to as Winter White. However, it is difficult to identify the actual species because of a lot of crossbreeding so some of these hamsters may be hybrids. You probably won’t know for sure unless you got the hamster from a breeder who knows exactly the genetic lines of her stock.