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When considering a cage, keep a few things in mind. Your turtle should be able to easily swim around without touching the bottom or breaking the surface of the water. There should be ample space for the turtle to turn around without bumping into the sides of the cage. A basking spot where the turtle can easily get completely out of the water is necessary. If you will be keeping more than one turtle in the same cage, it will need to be bigger (obviously). Some people start with a cage that works "for now" and buy bigger cages as their turtle grows. I find it more cost effective to start with a large tank and let the turtle grow in to it. My RES is not full grown, but she currently lives in a 55-gallon aquarium with 20-30 gallons of water and a floating dock anchored under the basking light. Some people choose to use solid plastic tubs or hard plastic kiddie pools to house their RES turtles. While the kiddie pool would work for babies, it is not deep enough to suit an adult. The large black tubs are available from some pond/landscaping shops, or through online retailers like LLLReptile.

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Only thing, you must know where to buy. My advice is when you type "buy turtles" in google and the results pop up, avoid all the first ones you see. Those are pretty much all the big time turtle farms, and the turtles 70% of the time will arrive sick. They just don't care and are in it solely for the money.

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View Profile. Where to buy turtles. We live in North Carolina and selling turtles is illegal. Where can i get a turtle online or slightly out of state. My kids found a baby turtle a few years ago at a public park. It was obviously newly hatched. Unfortunately, some older kids had viciously murdered his siblings and left smashed-turtle evidence all around. (They ran away as we approached) My kids were traumatized and freaked out at the thought of this survivor falling victim. I tried to scare him away, but he just sat there. I finally agreed (against my better judgement and probably in spite of the law) to take him home...warning my kids the whole way that it is really hard to keep wild baby aquatic turtles alive in captivity and telling them not to be surprised if he didn't make it. Well, here we are 3 years later with a healthy slider in a heated aquarium in our living room. I have to say, if it weren't for my knowledge of reptile care and some good friends who rehabilitate turtles, he wouldn't be alive. UVB lights are a huge necessity that many people overlook. Water quality and tank size are important. Turtles produce a lot of waste and require excellent filtration, and their tank needs to be cleaned regularly. Water temperature needs to be regulated and they need a designated basking area where they can get completely out of the water and dry themselves. Also, this little guy developed and abcess in his neck last year. There are no reptile vets in our area, and he got so swollen he couldn't eat. Under the direction of a woman who rehabilitates turtles (not local), I literally had to perform surgery on him myself. (Small incision in his neck with a sterile scalpel, remove all of the infection, clean with bentodine, treat water to prevent further infection...) He is very healthy and happy now, fortunately. (Aside from being undersize because we had a difficult time getting him to eat as a baby and during the time he was suffering with the abcess) So, as you can see, I agree with you. Turtles are not pets for the average person. They aren't an impulse buy. This one turtle has cost a few hundred bucks to house properly and feed. He's nearing his 3rd birthday and he has a 2 year old 'brother'. (A Map kids thought he was lonely) They have an African clawed frog friend, a pleco, and 2 Cory cats too. They all get along well. Again, I'd say the only reason for our success with them and their good health is my experience with reptiles and the help of the people I know.

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U shouldnt let turtles go in the wild if its pet turtle ..