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In the top right there is a menu bar. Click smartmones and that will take you to the shop where all the products that the guys talk about on this forum come from. If you buy pheromones in a store. There is a good chance they are not Androtics pheromones. therefore they wont give you any effects.

It helps increase attraction with odorless chemicals that signal our brain

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including ROACH PHEROMONE TRAPS (M330) - 6 Units (12 traps) insecticides and spray for bug treatments?

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Retail Locations | Our pheromones may also be found at these fine stores Before you decide which pheromones product to buy (and where) you should think about the purchase you’re about to make. First, why are you buying pheromones? There are different pheromones for different occasions. Meeting women in a night club might call for one pheromone product, while impressing your boss with your confidence and work ethic would call for an entirely different pheromone blend. Choose the right pheromone for the right situation and you’ll be off to a good start.

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