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Mary: ...12 we think about 12 years old. So what do you need to think about before you get a rabbit? A main thing to think about is how much space you have in your home for the rabbit. Not only for cages which should be generous in size. We recommend at least four times the body length of the rabbit when he's stretched out but also space to exercise the rabbit outside the cage. You will need a rabbit proofed area and we're doing another video on rabbit proofing so you'll have information on that. But you'll need a nice safe area to exercise the rabbit in where he can't chew things that will hurt him or get him in trouble. And you need a place that has traction. If you have bare floors the rabbit will never run the way he will when he has traction and that's why we like to show these rugs. These are nice cotton washable rugs that you can buy in lots of different stores and put them on top of your other rugs or on top of wood floors. If they slide on your wood floors you want to get a non-skid piece of rubber. You can get these in the dishware section of almost any home goods store. Keep the rugs from sliding around, give the rabbits traction.

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If you are beginning a 4-H rabbit project, the best place to buy rabbits is from a . If possible, buy bunnies from a breeder in your immediate area. That way you can develop a relationship with the breeder and he or she can be there to help if you run into problems down the road. Also, this gives you a chance to visit their farm (if they invite you over) and see how they manage their rabbitry, which can give you ideas on how to start your own project. Finally, there’s a good chance that a breeder in your county is familiar with the fair you plan to show at, and will know the classes they accept. One of the best places to get in touch with local breeders is through .

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Where Can I Buy A Rabbit‎ Most fairs have their own regulations when it comes to dividing rabbits for judging. It’s important to know what classes they offer so you can know how to buy and breed your stock. Some fairs divide rabbit classes by fancy (small) and commercial (large) breeds. Others judge each breed separately like an ARBA sanctioned show. In fact, some fair shows are also ARBA sanctioned. Some allow mixed breed rabbits and others do not. Some fairs have “get of sire” or “get of dam” classes, where you can show a senior rabbit with its junior offspring. Almost all fairs offer market classes such as , single fryers, and commercial fur. Most have , and some have extra contests for youth participants such as judging, quiz bowl, skill-a-thon, or royalty.

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