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Our company started its operations in the plastic sector in Suleymaniye, ISTANBUL, in the year 1978 under HILAL PLASTIK name with manufacturing Plastic boxes with drawers. The company, pursuing the goal of manufacturing original and high-quality products at all times, has grown in a very short time and consequently moved to its factory located in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Area to continue its operations under a new name “HI-PAS PLASTIK”. In the year 2004 the second modern facility of the company has become operational in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Area. Our new target is to serve our clients our new factory and equipment located in Tuzla Chemical Organized Area by 2014.

Our Product Range; Plastic Drawer Boxes, Equipment Boxes, Stacking bins, ESD Products, Closed and Perforated crates, Wide and wheeled crates, foldable crates, palletes and waste containers, Organizer Boxes, Tool Boxes, Traffic Safety Products , Logar Boxes,Jacket and document holder, Drawer Box Cabinet , Rotating cabinet ,Equipment Box Cabinet , Personnel Cabinets, Hanging work Boards, Mobile Tool box,Tool cabinets.

DIY wheeled painted crate for Christmas presents! (Could also be used for wedding or baby shower!)

This multi-purpose tool also known by a trade name “Pedalift” by Wesco, features either twin forks or a metal plate which can be raised up to 54” from the floor using the foot-actuated lever. It can function as both a hand truck as well as a material or object lift. The wheels lock, preventing the unit from sliding while lifting, and the wide plate also adds to its stability. The main advantage of this tool over other crate lifters is that others operating as a lever require that the operator stand at a distance when in use. This tool allows the operator to stand close enough to the crate to stabilize it during the lift – effectively gaining a crew member (not an advantage to be taken lightly). Capacity for this tool is 750 lbs.

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[…] ‘From Victory Road’ added wheels to their soda crate office supply storage… […] These tools provide the most secure, safe and effortless way to move large and heavy crates and objects by performing both the lifting and moving roles. Often referred to by brand names “Rais-N-Rol”, or “Rol-A-Lift”, these units are first strapped together as a pair at either end of the crate being moved. Then the crate can be lifted either by mechanical means (hand crank) or hydraulic action (bottle jack), depending on the model of mover. The result is that two handlers can safely lift and move a large crate which would normally require a larger crew. On most crates only a slight lift is necessary to position the fork or tongue of the mover under the crate. Both the lift and move is easer and safer compared to raising the crate high enough to place a dolly or dollies underneath. Notably when crates are optimally designed (skids are inset from the end the crate) no auxiliary lifting at all is required. The crate is also highly stabilized due to the longer effective wheelbase, and as the wheeled units are strapped together there is no danger of the crate slipping off its wheels. These efficiency and safety factors can be significant in an understaffed facility. The downside of this equipment is its high cost, and the subsequent likelihood that with one pair of lifts, only one crate would be mobile at a time.

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This crate divided opinion amongst our testers. For many, wheeled crates are easy to move about the home, whilst our more well-travelled friends hate the wheels and prefer an easily stackable crate that won’t cause airport or ferry terminal staff too much trouble.

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