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A: It is known by herpetologists that raising snakes in captivity is not a natural state, so it can be said that feeding a snake live prey in captivity can be considered unnatural as well. Snakes in captivity have all of their habitat needs met, therefore the snakes have no reason to act natural and kill their own prey. Feeding your snake pre-killed or other rodents is also safer for the reptile. If left alone long enough with a snake that is not hungry, a mouse or rat will begin to eat whatever is around, i.e., your snake or lizard (no need to worry about that with , fuzzies or other feeder mice). Even crickets and mealworms have been known to gnaw at the skin and seek moisture from the eyes of snakes. Since we are responsible for our pet's health we should keep them safe from this type of harm.

My snake ate last sunday, and still has not used the bathroom. He is swollen and tomorrow is his feeding day. What do i do?

As a rule, no. However, since your snake "is what he eats", it's important to make sure that your snake's prey is healthy and well fed. For this reason, some snake owners, especially collectors, raise their own rodents for feeding to their snakes.

What's the best feeding technique to use

No offense taken. Ball pythons vary in their feeding habits. So you have to do whatever works for your snake. Keep it up! My conversations with other keepers reinforce this point. Ball pythons have highly individualized feeding responses. As a keeper, it's your job to figure out what evokes a strong feeding response from your particular snake. You need to study its food personality. We will talk more about this as we go along. For now, just realize that these snakes are all unique in terms of their eating habits.

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I am a new snake owner and found it interesting to finaly read something that contridicts what i have been told but I do have a question. If you do feed your snake in it’s cage, wouldn’t the snake associate feeding or biting anything being put in the cage (your arm)?

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Choosing a garter snake diet can be tricky, as they can have a tendency to be picky eaters. There are many misconceptions and fears associated with what garter snakes can and cannot eat, or for the picky ones, what they will or will not eat! However, feeding garter snakes does not need to evoke panic into owners, it can be quite simple. Anyone who has kept snakes for any length of time and is even marginally observant knows what "feeding mode" is. You can visually tell, based on the sometimes small but yet significant behaviors and movements, when a snake is hunting. The posture, tongue flicking, and even breathing rates change when the snake begins hunting behavior.Upon first hearing it, the theory appears to have genuine merit, and apparently makes a lot of sense to many, since more and more people are joining the ranks of those who insist this is the only "safe" way to feed your snakes. Let's look at the practice a little closer to understand exactly what is happening.How should I feed my pet snake? What’s the best feeding technique to use? These are common questions we receive here at Reptile Knowledge. How you choose to feed your pet snake is really a matter of preference. There are several different techniques you can use, and each of them has distinct pros and cons.

In this snake care lesson, I’ll explain three of the most common feeding techniques used by keepers. Here they are, in no particular order: