Do not keep with aggressive fish that may try to eat Snails.

Many young snails might die within the first weeks of their existence, but those who survive grow quickly. At a size of 2.5 cm /1 inch (2-5 months) in case of and , they are able to reproduce and the next generation will appear if you don't remove their eggs in time.
From the day they hatch, the young snails eat the same as their parents, so there is no need for special babysnail-food. Keep in mind, however, that it's often difficult for a young snail to obtain enough food in a completely clean tank. The long distances they need to walk in such case to reach the food could simply be too much. As a result of this, it's often easier to raise little apple snails in a tank with algae on the walls so the little snails have enough food (algae) without traveling all around.
The young apple snails can stay in the same aquarium together with their parents without being eaten by them as long as there is enough food available. However, larger fish with preference for (little) snails can be a reason to keep the young ones in a separated aquarium until they have grown somewhat bigger.
If one plans to transfer the little snail to a separate tank, be sure that their new environment is already a somewhat stable eco-system. In other words: put 1/3 water from a pond or another aquarium with 2/3 fresh water and let the new tank stand for 2-3 weeks with vegetation, without other inhabitants before adding little snails. Such approach certainly increases the success rate with raising young snails.
And last, but not least: algae and debris might not be appealing to the human eye, however it's certainly appreciated by the little snails.

What do water snails eat?

So what do freshwater snails eat? There are many types of freshwater snails that consume algae. This is why if a farm has an algal bloom or sudden increase in algae population, farmers will eventually notice the explosion of snail population. When the algae were exhausted and the food supply has become limited, majority of the snails will die because of starvation. If you want to keep your tank clean and free from algae, keeping a few fresh water snails such as Malaysian trumpet snails will help in maintaining your aquarium algae-free.

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what do freshwater snails eat? Ok, first of all, is this one of the large, air-breathing snails, somewhere from dime-sized in diameter or up? If so, those snails are single-gender, not hermaphroditic. They can store sperm for ages, though.

What do the eggs look like? Are they above or below the water line? Pics?

(We used to own snails and raised many of them from eggs in our 55-gal aquarium. Thus the questions...)

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A floating apple snail isn’t a sign that it’s dead. It usually means one of three things. The first and most common is that air became trapped in its shell. I would guess this is what happened, since it has suctioned again. Another possibility is that the water quality is bad. To rule this out, I suggest testing your water. And the final possibility is that it’s eating a film on top of your water. Does the top of your water look almost greasy?

How do I know whether my snail is eating?