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Now the question, “what do leopard geckos eat?” is a useful one to ask for any new leopard gecko owners, it’s also important to ask “how do I feed them?”

A lot of first time gecko owners find themselves asking “what do leopard geckos eat?”

Hi Frank,
I live in the California high desert area, and my son recently found a leopard gecko in our garage. I have wondered if she might be some type of peninsular banded gecko, but our vet said she is too big, most likely a leopard. Anyways, She was thin and dried out and dusty when we found her, very cranky, I expected her to die. Its been a couple of months and she has perked up and become a very docile pet, and I swear she prefers to spend her time perched on my son while he plays xbox and watches tv. Larry (so named prior to discovering she was female) started in a 10 gallon tank on calcium sand with a basking lamp in one corner has been upgraded to a 20 gallon with a repti mat and hiding places, day and night lamps, a shedding cave, and a variety vitamin sprinkled bugs to eat. My son has developed an entirely new hobby of hunting and collecting nasty bugs and things for her. I am enquiring specifically about diet and weight here. She is an avid feeder and gets a couple of bugs every other day, but will eat up to 8 wax worms at a time if offered. What is fat for a lizard? Her skin is velvety and nice, her eyes are bright and she is alert, her shedding came off in one big peel that looked like a perfect gecko when we shook it out. Her tail has a little squishiness to it, but I’m wondering what I should be looking for as far as her being overweight. Oh, she’s approx. 8 1/2 inches nose to tail tip. I don’t see how to include a photo of Larry. Thank you in advance for your time, it’s been a lot of fun reading your posts and learning more about our little foundling gecko!

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A lot of first time gecko owners find themselves asking “what do leopard geckos eat?” What exactly do geckos like to eat? The ideal gecko diet is live insects – anything else may be refused. The most popular food for leopard gecko pets are mealworms and crickets. If you want your gecko to thrive, stay focused on the insect diet. Attempting to switch your gecko to a vegetarian diet is likely not a wise idea. If you’re looking to enhance your geckos diet, consider other small insects like super worms or wax worms as an alternative. The best practice is to provide live insects for feeding – other options may be refused by your gecko. Fortunately, leopard geckos are a popular pet so you should have no trouble getting the right food.

Decide what types of insects to feed your leopard gecko

My son recently got a junvinile leopard gecko. The pet smart we bought it from said they put about 10 crickets a day in the morning for the geckos diet. Yesterday my son placed 7 crickets in the cage. This am has be 24 hours and the gecko hasn’t ate anything. I can still count 7 crickets. What can I do to get it to eat? I know it’s stressed from the move from the pets tore to our home. Is this normal? The cage stays anywhere from 70-80° (pet store said 65-80) was ideal. I have always had dogs so this gecko os new to me. Please help! We haven’t tried meal worms or anything yet bc the pet store said they only fed it crickets.

Leopard geckos can eat a wide variety of insects