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Wellness CORE RawRev Natural Grain Free Original Turkey & Chicken with Freeze Dried Turkey Small Breed Dry Dog Food provides your dog with pure protein, natural enzymes and full flavor for a formula they’ll crave. Each recipe is carefully prepared to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety and is even designed for smaller mouths. This grain-free diet is made with delicious premium proteins, including turkey and chicken mixed with freeze-dried raw turkey, which makes it a convenient and safe way to introduce raw foods into your pup’s diet without upsetting his stomach or routine.

Wellness Core Raw Rev is available in Small Breed Turkey, Original Turkey, and Wild Game formulas.

Anyway, Wellness Core has salmon oil as its eleventh or twelfth ingredient (depending on whether or not you buy the original or small breed formula), so it shouldn’t be overly powerful as far as taste is concerned, and I might just finally be able to get some omega-3’s in his system. BUT it’s moderately high in carbs (37%-higher than Innova Prime).

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Wellness Pet Food ; Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Formula Small Breed Dry Dog Food, 4 lb, Brown ; Animals & Pet Supplies - Pe I’ve been looking at Wellness Core (not sure whether the small breed or original would be better for my 10-pounder), Blue Buffalo Wilderness (also not sure about which specific formula to get), Orijen, and Earthborn. Let me first talk about what I want/am looking for and my issues.

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