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Few jobs benefit from universal approval. You can’t really disagree with a website that promotes quality food. Neptune is a WordPress theme that can help you to create such a website, as it offers a large collection of useful features. Recipes from across the world can be shared in an instant, and you can also provide nutritional tips and informative pictures. Neptune is not just a simple site that allows you to list recipes. It has an ingredient list with smart features. Next to each ingredient, you can type information about where to buy it, as the reader can use your website to find it. In addition, the smart list will display all recipes that contain that specific item.

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I love you website!
And this post is so helpful as I am trying to start my own food blog. It gave me a lot to think about and provided a lot of guidance!

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Many food websites fail to think about developing site structure through the mindset of how the users should use it, instead of how their team uses it internally. This often leads to a development process that lacks navigation elements that are clear and easy to use. Remember that a simpler navigation is always going to be more user-friendly than something that is more complex and difficult for users to use. More specifically, it is important to note that users don't go to a site and go to the top navigation when they are seeking more information -- they start scrolling down. This is true from websites about food to B2B businesses, as you can see in this scrollmap of part of a page from Blue Fountain Media's website:

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My French is not that good so I recommend you use a translator to know more about the restaurant. As far as the website layout, the page is elegant and counts with a beautiful background image to get our attention, nice way to go, specially with food.

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This recipe sharing website as you might have already guessed is all about healthy foods and the moderators are registered dietitians. If you like to cook healthy dishes, this might be a place for you – not only for submitting but also for browsing other recipes!
Since I wrote that article, I spent almost a whole week seeking the best websites on food and drink and found some very tasty URLs. Here are a few of my faves, in alphabetic order. In all, I found more than 200 impressive sites, blogs, and podcasts. If you are interested in food, you already should know about , , the websites of all the food mags, the great food sections of the , and other newspapers, and perhaps even the tried and true recipes on manufacturer's websites like Kraft.The problem is, when you search Google, Yahoo!, or Bing for recipes, chances are these websites will appear near the top: All Recipes, Cooks, Cookipedia, foodista, My Recipes, Recipezaar, Recipe Source, Simply Recipes, or Wikia. They are popular because just about anybody can add a recipe to the database. I don't want to come off as a snob here, and anybody who has read me knows I'm the furthest thing from a snob, but I just do not have confidence in the info these sites provide. Much of it is from home cooks, some of whom are far better cooks than I am, but many of the recipes are sloppily written, poorly organized, with ambiguous instructions. Some are cribbed from cookbooks and magazines, some are hand-me-downs and are outmoded. I just don't trust them.FNIC strives to serve the professional community (including educators, health professionals and researchers) by providing access to a wide range of trustworthy food and nutrition resources from both government and non-government sources. The FNIC website provides information about food and human nutrition. The materials found on this website are not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed health professional.