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Replacement diaphragms for the Aqua Lifter Vacuum Pump. Aqua Lifter Vacuum Pump can pump water up to 30” high at a flow rate of 3½ gallons per hour. Ideal for use as a dosing pump for Kalkwasser, auto top offs, calcium reactors and other aquarium uses.

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Not all of your fluid intake has to come from plain old water. All beverages, including sports drinks and 100-percent juices, count toward your water recommendation. Even foods can help keep you hydrated, particularly if they’re high in moisture, like soups, fruits and vegetables. Moisture and liquid from food make up as much as 20 percent of your fluid consumption. So that post-workout piece of fruit you nibble on can help replace some of the fluids you lost while you were lifting.

High Lifter Gravity Pump FAQ - Humboldt Solar Water Pump

Transcript of above video, in which I describe the High Lifter water pump: An approximate analysis is presented of the Cherepnov water lifter, considered as a self-oscillatory system which performs relaxation oscillations at the expense of the energy of falling water. It is noted that, in contrast with the hydraulic ram, the water inertia is not essential to the operation of the water lifter.

High Lifter Gravity Water Pump Models 4.5 and 9:1

Because we attempt to be eco-conscious, we want to avoid using gas-powered or electric-powered pumps as much as possible. The water pump uses no electricity or gas, but rather relies on the pressure of water flowing downhill to amplify that pressure and pump a portion of the water back uphill. In the video below, I show you what this pump looks like and talk a little about how it works.

The High Lifter Water Pump is a gravity pump

A High Lifter can operate continuously for 1-3 years between seal replacement service. As illustrated in the performance graphs below, the High Lifter responds to both inlet and output pressure. Because the High Lifter utilizes inlet water pressure to pump water, increased inlet pressure yields greater delivery. Conversely, reducing the output pressure puts less load on the pump, allowing more water to be pumped.Folk hydraulic ram pump No modern magic this -- ram pumps were invented more than 300 years ago. A more recent variation is the High Lifter pump, which uses different principles to do the same thing. Ram pumps are noisy, high lifters are silent and can work with less water, but the water has to be clean and grit free, while the ram pump is not so fussy.The High Lifter is a powerful water pump designed to move water uphill without using gasoline or electricity. By harnessing the energy from a head of water, the High Lifter pump drives a portion of this water uphill. Pistons provide the pumping action and water is the only lubricant used. It is self-starting and requires no lubrication, priming or tuning and it is extremely quiet. By harnessing the energy of piped water pressure from an uphill source, the High Lifter pump can drive a portion of this water through another pipe to a tank higher than the water source. Pistons provide the pumping action and water is the only lubricant used. With adequate water and pressure it can pump up to 1500 gallons of water per day as high as 300 feet, or it can pump 200 gallons per day as high as 1000 feet. It can also pump smaller amounts on as little as one quart per minute of source water, and can pump to lower elevations with as little as a 30-foot drop from the water source.