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In-Sight cylinder seal indication of the Bass Pro Shops® A-24 In-Sight Auto Inflatable Life Vest tells you at a glance if automatic inflation is ready for use. Auto-inflates when life vest is immersed in water or when back-up handle is pulled. Heavy-duty 400 denier nylon ripstop fabric resists tears and punctures. Comfortable, lightweight, low-profile design features reflective piping and air mesh lining. Fits adults over 80 lbs. with 30'' to 52" chest.Imported. Be SAFE and be LEGAL by wearing a PFD at all times.

Does the Venice water taxi driver offer life vest, especially during the long drive from Venice island to  island?

Not all canines can swim, even some that are considered to be “water dogs.” Some breeds aren’t suited for swimming, and dogs with health issues, puppies and older canines can be put at risk. Boaters are required by law to provide a life vest for each person on board. A pet life vest is equally important if you take your dog with you on a boat or spend an afternoon swimming and playing at the beach or pool.

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A dog life vest is an option that can offer you peace of mind while around the water with your pup. Now, you might be wondering… Boaters enjoy the feel of sun and spray. So it’s tempting to boat without wearing a life jacket especially on nice days. But modern life jackets are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Many are thin and flexible. Some are built right into fishing vests or hunter coats. Others are inflatable as compact as a scarf or fanny pack until they hit water, when they automatically fill with air.

There’s no excuse not to wear a life jacket on the water!

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USCGA vs. Competitive Vests
The difference between these two types of vests is very important. Competition vests aren’t seen as true life vests because they have less flotation, which allows for more freedom of movement. However, U.S. Coast Guard-approved (USCGA) vests are required in many states. Check your local boating laws for public waterways. In many states, the U.S. Coast Guard requires boats to have a Type I, II, III or V life jacket for each passenger on board. It’s pretty simple: USCGA vests provide increased flotation, while competition vests allow for better mobility.

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MOST IMPORTANT: If you can put more than 3 finger widths in the gap between your shoulders and the shoulder area of the life vest, your life vest is too big. That vest will not keep your head above water:

NEVER have a huge gap in the shoulders.Another factor to consider is type of activity in the water. All manufactures size charts assume you will be using the life vest for . Legally, we are NOT allowed to modify those charts even if a customer complains that his life vest fits too tight. If you are fishing or cruising around in a boat, canoe, paddleboard, or other leisurely water activity, your life jacket does not have to be as tight as the life jackets used for action sports such as wakeboarding or waterskiing. Remember to comply with the shoulder gap test. Even leisure life jackets for Fishing or boating should not have a huge gap in the shoulders.