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These durable, low-profile water booties will keep your feet warm and offer surefooted traction for kayaking, stand up paddling, surfing, rafting, wind surfing and sailing.

BLONDO Kelly Waterproof Bootie

One use for wet shoes is to function as in insulating layer while out on the river, while wearing a water sandal over them. I do sort of the same thing—except I use instead of a wet shoe. But the function is the same. While floating in colder weather or where I know the foot will be exposed to cold water all day long (such as frequently getting in and out of the boat), I’ll put on the neoprene booties and then slip on my water sandals over them. This way, my feet stay warm (despite being wet) all day long, even during less than ideal temperatures.

Camaro Men's South Sea Water Booties for $13 + pickup at REI

Women's Waterproof Boots, Boots for Women | Nordstrom One of the things that I really like about this model is that you do not have to worry about having water logged boots because the hyperflex lockseal has an anti-flush closure that gives you a water tight seal every single time you put them on.

Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Water Booties.

So, no matter what temperature water you are in, your feet will be toasty warm in these booties. And, you will find that these last longer than the cheaper brands out there.

Diving Fins / Water Shoes/Water Booties & Socks Neoprene Black 2017

1. Tilos Neoprene Fin Socks
by Tilos

Product Description :
3 mm neoprene
Nylon II neoprene
Blindstitched seams
Minimize water entry
Honeycomb silkscreen

2. Akona Low Cut Socks
by Akona

3. Mares Equator 2mm Dive Boots
by Mares

4. O'Neill Reactor Reef Boot (Black/Coal)
by O'Neill Wetsuits

5. Deep See Low Tide Dive Socks with Grip
by Deep See

6. Seasnug Sports Socks. It's a Perfect Fit for Everything on the Sand. Watersports, Snorkeling, and Diving.
by Seavenger

7. Promate
Promate 3mm Beach Dog Water Sports Boots Shoes

8. O'Neill Reactor Reef Boots (Black/Pacific)
by O'Neill Wetsuits

9. NeoSport Wetsuits XSPAN 5mm Socks
by NeoSport

10. Phantom Aquatics Women's 3mm Neoprene Fin Socks
by Phantom Aquatics
As you can see from our pictures, our Blacktip booties saw a heck of a lot of use. No really, like more than most anything we’ve gotten our hands on. What wear-and-tear you’re seeing is not a sign of poor craftsmanship either, but nearly 8 months of constant use. As mentioned, the watershoes are made with a breathable neoprene sock that is cut low below the ankle for non-restricted motion. Likewise, the shoe features a thick elastic band around the opening that has remained taut since the day we unpacked them until today. The neoprene sock is glued to a thick two-part rubber sole that feels more like a tennis shoe than boat shoe.