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One of the most treasured and exciting events in the lifetime of a parent is in seeing a little one begin to crawl. It becomes interesting to watch a child start to move by crawling. It’s usually a sign that within no time, your child will have gained enough strength to stand and maybe walk with you through short distances. However, this very moment demands a complete turnaround in the way you go about caring for your loved one. Utmost precaution measures will be needed to ensure your child is safe as he/she moves around the house. Again, some adjustments in your living area will be necessary to create room for your child’s safe mobility. In this occasion, a high-quality, extra wide baby gate will be your chief assistant and companion.

Keep kids safe with a top of stairs baby gate or walk through baby gate

The baby gate door is nice and wide (26 inches). I found it easy to walk right through while carrying a washing basket. Being able to open and close the gate with a single hand helped too. No fumbling with the latch here.

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Items 1 - 24 of 25 - Shop Target for Walk-Through Gate baby gates you will love at great low prices Now you may have noticed that travel gates are made out of mesh or fabric and do not have a door for you to walk through. You need to step over it. This is common to all portable baby gates, as a walk through door would add a lot of bulk. Which wouldn’t make it portable, you dig?

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That’s what it feels like if you try to walk through this baby gate carrying anything in your hands. If you are plus sized I would definitely steer well clear of this gate.

Extra Tall Walk-Through Baby/Pet Gate

Walk through gates are a great option for people looking for baby gates or pet gates. These pressure safety gates with fixed panels are generally constructed of steel and feature a walk through gate or door. Equipped with an easy to unhook lever system, these gates for toddlers are easy to operate and allow the parents to open the gate with one hand and walk through it while carrying their babies. In addition, these gates are known for being sturdy and can provide quality protection to both babies and pets. Available in different colors and styles, these gates expand to fit wider openings and prove to be a perfect match for any doorway.The walk through door is perfect for easy adult access with latch locking as well as bottom lift action to prevent babies and child toddlers from getting into places in the home or apartment that you don't want them to. This includes for the top of stairs as well as the bottom and indoor hallway areas. There are many brands and types of these gates like retractable, freestanding or extra wide baby gates by names like Evenflo, Munchkin and Summer. This Regalo baby gate is effective and affordable for use in all living spaces from homes to apartments for babies and pets for piece of mind and safety.