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Wag's World honey from Western Colorado is 100% pure and natural. Our honey is extracted without heating or filtering ensuring high pollen content in the honey.

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Western Colorado is a famous area for growing large and delicious-tasting peaches. Hot days, very cool nights and pure water from the Grand Mesa Mountain, the world's largest flat-top mountain, make Wag's World Orchards' peaches taste like summer! Is there anything better than a sweet, juicy peach that tastes like nature's candy? Order some famous Wag's World peaches in season.

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Wag's World honey is 100% pure and natural. Our honey is extracted without heating or filtering ensuring high pollen content in the honey. Wag's World Apple Chips are crispy, light and delectable. Made with only three ingredients, this is a low-calorie treat that tastes great and has plenty of fiber. Grab a bag to go on the run or enjoy with a cup of tea. Either way, they are deliciously addictive. $6 per bag

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Wag’s World Orchards safely grows superior fine fruits and vegetables, specializing in cherries, peaches, apples, plums, nectarines, tomatoes, raw honey and many other fine fruits and vegetables. We serve the wholesale and retail customer with a mission to grow the biggest, best-tasting and best quality products at a reasonable market price.

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