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As to overfeeding betacarotene and its effect on parrots, as far as I can tell, the only studies done are on lack of retinoic acid and its effect on embryonic development (deformation/degeneration at several levels from beaks to heart tissue). There are studies done on people (smokers) and it was found that excess of betacarotene impairs the function of retinoic acid (produced by oxidation of vitamin A) which, in turn, binds with something or the other and the final effect is that people that smoke and consume large dosages of betacarotene have a much higher probability of getting lung cancer but how that translates into feeding a parrot a large amount of betacarotene regularly, I don't know. In any case and just to be safe, I am always careful of Red Palm Oil which has the largest concentration of beta-carotene, I only use it for depleted birds or during breeding season (I don't allow them to breed, I allow them everything else: courtship, nesting, laying and incubation but I switch the real eggs with plastic ones so even if I am, by mistake, giving them a bit too much betacarotene and the excess would impair the embryos proper development, it would not really matter because there are no embryos ).

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Supporters of commercial diets always say that feeding with pellets is good because such nutrition is balanced and complex. I would oppose both arguments. Firstly, how can we set strict composition when we don’t know much about nutritional needs of many parrot species? Secondly, complex diet should contain large variery of vitamins and other supplements. But how can we be sure that they really work? Many scientific papers about doubtful efficiency of synthetic vitamins have been published in the past. Some commercial vitamin products are cheap, some are ten times expensive and for us breeders it might be difficult to assess their efficiency.

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Nov 26, 2015 - Vitamins and minerals for parrots should be provided, especially those on seed diets Every species has different requirements for their diet. A macaw needs a diet that is lower in protein and higher in fat than a cockatoo who requires the opposite. Amazons need abundant vitamin A, african greys need calcium, and so on. Even this is a generalization. Within the macaw family, for instance, the hyacinth needs an even higher fat percentage than the average blue and gold. To further complicate things, each individual bird has nutritional needs unique only to them.
This creates a lot of challenges for parrot owners. Since we aren’t able to determine the exact set of needs in a particular bird, and since you will never hear your bird say “Polly want a vitamin D3 supplement”, there’s a lot of guess work involved. The best way to cover all the bases is to offer a bit of everything. Your bird knows what she needs. When she goes through a picky phase, she may be telling you that she needs a change in her diet.

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Feeding your parrot right is much more in depth then just feeding a parrot seed or parrot pellet diet. Trusting leading brands is also not enough either. It's up to you, you need to read labels, and know what your feeding. All bird food is not created equal. You will find that all ingredients are listed, on all brands of food that we sell so you can make the best choice for your type of parrot.

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