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$31.04-$57.20 Vetri-Science Cardio-Strength, 90 Capsules - Active Ingredients Per Capsule: L-Carnitine HCl, 250 mg; L-Taurine, 250 mg; N,N-Dimethylglycine HCl, 50 mg; d-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate (Vitamin E), 30 IU; Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) Powder Blend, 25 mg; Coenzyme Q10, 20 mg; Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) Powder Blend, 10 mg; Folic Acid, 0.9 mg; Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate/Malate), 0.5 ...

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VetriScience Vetri-DMG Immune Health Dog, Cat & Bird Liquid Formula, 114-ml; Supports immune system function and performance in dogs and cats. Recommended to help support proper immune response, cardiovascular and skin health, glucose metabolism, and...

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VetriScience Vetri-Disc Joint Health Dog Capsules, 180 count; VetriScience Laboratories Vetri-Disc combines bovine tracheal cartil Hello, I am glad I found this article and discussion. I have a 2yo, retriever/cocker mix and he was diagnosed with heart murmur 2. I bought Vetri-Science Cardio Supplement and my dog can't digest it ( he gets diarrhea every time I give him the supplement). Can you please suggest a supplement that may not cause this? or what may cause the digestion problem?

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Since 1997, we have been supplementing all our felines with a heart supplement by Vetri-Science called Coenzyme Q 10 and in January of 2004 we started an additional tablet by Standard Process called Cardio Plus also for their hearts. We started our felines on the Coenzyme Q 10 supplements in 1997 when we un-expectantly lost our Bali to congestive heart failure. Over the years we still hear of pets dying from this disease and it saddens me greatly. We can do more to help our pet’s hearts stay strong. Vetri-Science Coenzyme Q 10 also helps with their gums.

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Vetri-Science Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula is designed to support your dog’s cardiovascular system and is ideal for animals prone to cardiovascular stress via heart conditions or even aging. The formula supports the maintenance of a regular heartbeat, circulation, blood flow, healthy clotting, and healthy capillary strength.Also, speak with your holistic vet about whether EFAs would help you dog (they are anti-inflammatory and were recommended by my cardiologist) or whether something like Dimethylglycine HC1 (e.g., Vetri-Science DMG) may be helpful in this condition or whether an antioxidant formula recommended by the cavalier website might be helpful (such as Antiox-Ultra 5000 by Sogeval Laboratories). I'm starting to think that an antioxidant might be necessary to deal with the lesions that develop on the valves in this condition. I believe the lesions are caused by a bacteria or virus that need to be kept in check. I'm also wondering about whether I should just add natural Vitamin C back into my dog's regime because it is an antioxidant and good for so much. And, if you've read any of Linus Pauling or Mathias Rath's work on heart disease and Vitamin C and how it repairs arteries, I think that it is just a good thing to do. Thank you so much for the reply. I think I may temporarily put her on the individual supplements because several other posters have had success with them, then switch her to just the Cardio-Plus and Canine Whole Body Support and Organically Bound Minerals as you suggest. Also the Immuplex as you mentioned in a previous post. I will try adding the spinach and sweet potatoes too. I also have her on a prebiotic and probiotic for dogs and a product called Cardio-Strength by Vetri-Science. I might try the Vetri-DMG by them also. Thank you again so very much!VetriScience Laboratories’ Cardio-Strength For Cats and Dogs is a capsule formula designed to support cardiovascular health and function in dogs and cats. Cardio-Strength features 11 synergistic ingredients that are vital for elderly animals, and is recommended to support animals with pre-existing sub-optimal cardiovascular functions, breeds that are disposed to cardiovascular stress, or geriatric dogs. It is designed to support heart muscles and cardiovascular functions, as well as reduce oxidative stress and support circulation and better oxygen utilization. Ingredients like L-taurine support regular heartbeat while minimizing the loss of potassium and supporting proper electrolyte utilization.