I trust USA rawhide for my dogs

Unless otherwise indicated, rawhide treats on this page are NOT manufactured in the USA. Because of price restrictions or lack of USA manufacturers, we import these items.

100% USA rawhide, rolled up and braided. Excellent choice for aggressive chewers.

Wholesome Hide is the only U.S. rawhide company that makes 100% of its products in the U.S.A. with U.S.A. rawhide. They do not blend US hide with imported hide and they do not send hides to Mexico for processing and bring them back to the states. Wholesome Hide American made, premium rawhide is healthier for dogs because fresh, natural USA beef hides are used with none of the potentially harmful chemicals needed to treat poor quality hide. Dogs love them because they are made with fresh, 100% USA beef hide that still contains the tasty Collagen Flavor Layer, making them thicker so dogs can enjoy them longer. Many imported rawhide is made from poorer grade hide that has lost its flavor and durability through heavy processing.

Wholesale USA rawhide chews and pet supplies

Braided USA Rawhide Wreath is approximately 4.5" - 5". Made in the USA! Rawhide is one of the most natural things a dog can chew on. After all, canines have been chewing it for thousands of years! But not all rawhide is the same. Rawhide chews made in the U.S.A. with high quality U.S.A. beef hide are cleaner, thicker and more durable. That means your dog can spend more time “wetting it down” and tearing off smaller
pieces than with other rawhide treats. Dogs chewing thinner, chemically processed rawhide treats can break off larger pieces of dry rawhide which can occasionally cause problems if swallowed. Your pet should always be supervised when using any toy and rawhide chews should be removed and put away when your dog is finished with them

USA heavy weight thick rawhide / beefhide bone chews for dogs

Pet owners looking for genuine American made rawhide dog chews should be aware that manufacturers of pet treats are not obliged to disclose the source of their raw materials. They can proudly proclaim "Made in the USA", if product is partially processed, packaged and distributed in the United States of America. So it is allowed to advertise the product as made in U.S.A. even if it is manufactured with 100% imported raw materials! And, regrettably, some manufacturers use this loophole to mislead consumers.

100% USA MANUFACTURED Beefhide rawhide dog chew bones from the.

Pet Factory has been the leading manufacturer of USA Sourced & Made rawhide products since 1989, as well as a leader in globally sourced rawhide products.

Pet Factory is one of the few remaining manufacturers in the United States who actually use USA raised cattle hides and manufacture products in the USA. We feel that American Beefhide chews are what demanding pet owners want, and we aim to provide the highest quality: thicker and longer lasting chews.

Please keep in mind while you visit our site that we provide a variety of rawhide chews to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Pet Factory is known for our 100% American Beefhide product line, but we also offer a high quality line of globally sourced rawhide chews from Mexico and China.

We invite your comments. Your product questions are distributed to our staff and almost all e-mails will be answered within a day or so.A decade ago, nearly all rawhide dog chews were made in the USA. Now, most of them are produced in Mexico, South America, China. Wholesome Hide
is one of the only companies producing rawhide treats in the USA with USA beef hide. Of course that means were are creating American jobs and paying American taxes. But it also means that we are supplying dog owners with treats that have qualities that are simply not available in import products.