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Pull into USA Grocers Food Store to get some basic food or beverage needs on your way home. This quick in and out store has Arizona tea, cold beer including Bud, Michelob, Corona and Sam Adams and a rather large selection of wine. There's also a Coca-cola drink refill station and a cappuccino machine along with boiled peanuts, hot dogs and pre-made sandwiches with a microwave to heat them up.

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Muscle Foods USA is a nationwide wholesale distributor of sports nutrition and health products to the retail trade. So if you own a performance store, convenience store, gym, health club, health food store or web retail site and want to offer quality, high margin products to your customers, you've come to the right place!

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Get directions, reviews and information for USA Grocers Food Store in Clearwater, FL. A&P's success caused a backlash that threatened to destroy it. Thousands of grocery stores could not match A&P's prices. While small operators had little political clout, they were supplied by thousands of wholesale distributors which had considerable political influence. Anti-chain store movements gained traction in the 1920s, but became significantly stronger during the Depression. In 1935, Texas Congressman introduced legislation that would have levied a federal tax on chain stores. If adopted, this legislation likely would have ended A&P. While this legislation did not move in Congress, in 1936 Patman sponsored the that outlawed charging different prices to similar customers; this law passed. Patman then reintroduced his first bill. A&P retained a and dropped its opposition to activities of the politically powerful . George and John Hartford also took the unusual step of publishing an open letter pointing out that the legislation would significantly increase food prices. The tide of public opinion then turned against the bill, which was defeated.

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Muscle Foods USA, based in Dunmore, PA; Henderson, NV; Biloxi, MS; Virginia Beach, VA; and Houston, TX was founded in 2009 with the purpose of providing health clubs, performance stores and health food stores with the best customer service, product knowledge and brand selection in the industry.

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USA Food Store is a Petro gas and convenience store on Powder Springs Road. It offers gas and diesel fuels, and it also carries propane, candy, beverages, chips and other snacks.On , April 22, 2008, Whole Foods Market eliminated the use of disposable plastic grocery bags company-wide in favor of reusable bags or paper bags made from recycled paper. The company also began offering "Better Bags", a large and colorful grocery bag made primarily from recycled bottles. The move from the traditional paper/plastic system to environmentally friendly and reusable bags has been packaged as an initiative the company calls "BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag". The campaign is aimed at reducing pollution by eliminating plastic bags and reducing waste by encouraging bag reuse with "bag refunds" of 5–10 cents, depending on the store.