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California became part of the United States at the end of the in 1846, and American settlers began to arrive in California in large numbers with the of 1849. The Cucamonga Rancho changed hands several times, but the area that present-day Upland occupies was little more than an uninhabited ranchland and a place to pass through until the arrival of in 1882. Chaffey, a Canadian shipbuilder from the province of , had already established the irrigation community in 1881, irrigating the land with a series of flumes carried water from the mountains to a reservoir from which water would then be sent to the relative land sites. In 1882, Chaffey purchased 6,216 acres of land in the Cucamonga Rancho, along with significant water rights from San Antonio Creek, for $60,000 Additional purchases brought the size of the land to over 8,000 acres of land for a total purchase price of $90,000

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Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with an Upland, Californiaattorney for legal advice. In 1774, Spanish explorer established an overland route from Arizona to California, with part of the passing through present day Upland on the way to the San Gabriel Mission. Anza's route went through , the and through the San Bemardino Valley. In 1775, Anza led a second expedition consisting of more than 240 people on a journey of over two thousand miles to the . En route, the expedition reached the San Gabriel Mission on January 4, 1776. The expedition reached the San Francisco Bay on June 27, 1776, where Anza founded the present day city of . Five years later, in 1781, Spanish settlers followed Anza's route to found the city of a few miles west of the San Gabriel Mission.

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Following the Anza expedition, the San Gabriel Mission became an important stopping place for expeditions traveling between Arizona and California. The mission was the first place where supplies could be procured after crossing the desert, and as travel over this road increased, the mission arranged to establish a supply station at some intermediate point east. In 1810, a party of missionaries, soldiers, and Native Americans from San Gabriel mission, under the leadership of Padre Dumetz, were sent out to select a location. On the 20th of May, 1810, they came into the San Bernardino Valley. This, according to the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints, was the feast day of Saint , and they named the valley in his honor. The expedition named the area around Upland "Cucamonga," which in the language meant "sand place."

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