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You can also find plenty of dollar items at Dollar Store Merchandise to supplement your more expensive stock items. For example, if you sell women’s clothing for under 10 dollars, you may want to stock your store with jewelry, underwear, cosmetics, and health and beauty items which cost less than a dollar. A rack of 60 cent jewelry, to be sold for a dollar or more, is a great way to supplement pricier sales.

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I tried ordering from them but I got an error message saying that 'the site is not safe, hackers are trying to get my information from clothingunder10'. I tried different computers and different web browsers but the same message. I never had this problem with 10dollarmall where I shopped for several years and several times during the year. Has anyone else had this problem? I am not saying stay away, I didn't have any suitable options.

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clothes hangers, bridesmaid gift, Farmhouse decor, gift under 10 dollar, rattan. I am a student from Nigeria and I do buy shoes at a discounted rate and I must say no one believed me till they also shop on the site. But was surprised when I wanted buying sometimes around March was redirected to this annoying site. Clothunder10, where I had to register again and to my surprise. they sell no shoes. Pls bring back the old 10dollarmall. I miss it

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10 dollar mall was a wonderful site to shop at but unfortunately it no longer exists and did not forewarn it's faithful customers. Clothingunder10 was in existence long before 10dollarmall closed. I used to shop both but shopping costs at 10dollarmall was cheaper. plus there was more variety. Certainly loved their shoes... years later theae shies are still in wonderful condition. However I never had issues with clothingunder10. Shipping was fast and items were always good quality and looked just like the pictures. i miss 10 dollar and moddeals tho.

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I was looking for a website that I could buy some items from for my upcoming honeymoon but not break the bank. I read the reviews on "Clothing Under $10" (formerly known as 10 dollar mall) and felt that this place was worth taking a chance on. The thing that stuck out the most to me when buying from them was that they are located IN the US. I bought about 10 items and liked all of them! They ALL fit me true to size. There were only 2 items that I was kinda ehhh about. One shirt that is white and tight fitting is very see through right to my bra, so I'll have to wear something under it, but still definitely plan on wearing it. Another shirt I was excited about just doesn't lay on me nicely. I thought about returning it but for 9.99 its just not worth the hassle, so I plan on keeping it an wearing it as a bathing suit coverup or something. Overall, I was really impressed with this website and will definitely buy from them again!