SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post/Perch Review.

: This product is for the Perch attachment ! The Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Post is not included and is sold separately.

NEW Cat Scratcher SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post Sisal Perch Pet Grooming

For a little added fun, you can add a perch to the top. This wooden perch slides on to the post and has a reversible quilted pad for comfort. Both the Ultimate Scratching Post and the perch are available from and .

Ultimate Cat Perch for the Ultimate Cat Scratching Post - Etsy

Easily slides onto the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post to create a comfortable, elevated cat perch Sure, scratchin' and clawin' never gets old, but even the scratchiest cat's gotta sit! Give your fur baby's Ultimate Scratching Post a perfect perch with the SmartCat Ultimate Post Perch Pad. It's made to fit on top of the SmartCat and provides pets a great place to nap. Includes machine washable pad.

#4006 Perch for the Ultimate Scratching Post.

This Perch for the Ultimate Scratching Post gives your cats a comfortable spot to nap, sleep or just hang out. It fits easily on the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. The durable pad is machine washable.
Elevated perch gives your cat extra safety and security
Reversible claw-safe quilted pad
Durable wooden platform
Slides easily onto SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post (sold separately)
12.5 x 14 inches