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In 2008 the Beast returned once more in the form of LeGarrette Blount and Jeremiah Johnson. This version of the Two-Headed Monster again saw both players rush for over 1,000 yards on the season while averaging almost 170 yards per game. One of my greatest memories was the destruction and mayhem unleashed on the Oregon State Beavers, who thought they were on their way to the Rose Bowl. By the time their heads quit spinning, the Monster left Corvallis with a 65-38 thrashing that . With a win under their belt and a second place Pac-10 Conference finish, the Ducks headed off to the Holiday Bowl to defeat Oklahoma State. For the Beavers, thoughts of roses quickly turned to rebooked flights to El Paso. The Beavers’ search for Roses continues to this day.

Hittite, terracotta, two headed duck, 1400 BC, Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara

Time will tell, but don’t count me as surprised if we see Marshall and Wilson teaming up for the majority of the carries next year. Will they form the next Oregon Two-Headed Monster, or will the beast reincarnate in some other combination? Will it happen next year or will it take longer? All are good questions, and while I don’t have the answers I’m pretty confident that some combination of these three excellent running backs will form the Oregon Duck Two-Headed Monster, Version 4.0. Expect it sooner, rather than later.

Gordon Rutter's Two Headed Ducks. - Neatorama

Antique American folk art - primitive carved two headed wooden duck box. Perched on a wooden stand and covered in glass were two-headed ducks, two-headed mice (wearing bowties,) and a two-headed chicken. Justin and I marveled at the sight of the two-headed duck. It was the cutest, yet most horrifying thing I had ever seen. It looked like it came from “.” I kept joking with Justin about all the things we could do with it. Finally, I suggested we get it. Justin was deliriously excited at the prospect of getting this very strange two-headed duck.

Two headed duck - Picture of Anadolu Medeniyetleri ..

The male pink-headed duck is unmistakable when a good view is had. Both sexes are 41–43 cm and long-billed with long necks and peaked heads. The male has a pink bill, head and neck while the female has a pale pinkish head and neck with a paler bill. The black of the body extends as a narrow strip on the front of the neck. Wings have a leading white edge. In flight it would not contrast as much as the syntopic white-winged duck. Wing does not have the dark trailing edge of the . Confusion with male red-crested pochards stems mainly from observations of swimming birds, as the latter species also has a conspicuous red head (although the color is actually very different from the pink-headed duck). , on the other hand, can look similar to female pink-headed ducks when in flight and seen from a distance, and if seen from behind, they could be mistaken for males too. The upper side of the wing is distinguishing, with dark green (speculum) and prominent white in the spot-billed duck and a pinkish-beige speculum, much lighter than its surroundings, in the pink-headed duck. If the upper part of the wings cannot be reliably seen, they are all but indistinguishable except to expert observers in good visibility conditions. Young birds had a nearly whitish head without a trace of pink and a mellow two note call has been attributed to the species.

I was surprised by what at first appeared to be a two-headed duck