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Turbo snails (Turbo spp. and Astrea spp.) have a reputation as hardy algae eaters. However, while they will help graze on algae, you must take care to select a true tropical species, as many turbo snails offered for sale belong to temperate species that will fare poorly in tropical tanks, which make up the vast majority of saltwater aquariums. Beyond this, turbo snails do require some specialized care.

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There are many snail species available for the marine aquarium hobby, and many of them are beneficial to the aquarium as they perform specific duties aiding in the health and up-keep of the tank. Popular types include ceriths and nassarius, great for sand bed stirring and clean-up, and various Turbo species and other algae eaters like astreas and trochus. For the most part, the majority of the snails you find in shops are there for your aquarium’s benefit. There are also many types of snails for sale that may not be a benefit such as predatory snails, and yet others that may find their way into your reef by hitchhiking on or in live rock or corals that you introduce. I want to introduce some naughty snails, and some really naughty snails you can watch out for to avoid potential issues they may present.

I'd definitely buy again, just not so many.

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I suspect that the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) offered for sale in the hobby should all be captive raised now, because the efforts of breeders have been so successful that until demand increased, some suppliers were actually offering to release an animal into the wild for every one sold in the trade to encourage sales. These animals are not predatory, and I have never heard of one attacking a live snail (or anything else) before, so I have to wonder if the snail you heard about attacking Turbo snails is really a conch, or if (as is frequently the case, unfortunately) the snail was a misidentified predator sold to someone as a conch. Ron Shimek has a couple of detailed articles on telling the good snails from the bad ones, and if you don’t know in advance what the snail you are planning to buy actually looks like, I’d suggest a little research to avoid being duped into buying something else by mistake.

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