Duncraft 163G Tube & Seed Tray Bird Feeder

Whitehall Products Tube Bird Feeders are not only functional but also very decorative. The Whitehall Bird Feeder line adds appeal in any garden. Decorative top and bottom are cast from aluminum, so squirrels can't chew through it. Drain holds in bottom tray, eliminates standing water. Instructions and Hardware included, very light assembly required.

Below are some of the best tube bird feeders we could find including several by Brome.

The Perky-Pet copper triple tube bird feeder is perfect for any bird feeding enthusiast.

With 12 flip feeding ports that adjust to serve mixed or thistle seed, this triple tube birdfeeder is beautiful, versatile and durable.

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This model comes in a beautiful copper finish with a built-in seed funnel.

The clear plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. With its 3 independent seed tubes, 12 flip feeding ports and 10 lbs seed capacity, this feeder is one of the most economical and convenient bird feeders on the market.

Whether its hanging from a tree or pole mounted in your yard, this feeder is sure to bring joy to you and your back garden birds.

Tube Bird Feeders - Top Rated, Easy To Fill and Clean

We recommend getting tube bird feeders that are easy to clean, have multiple ports and are . The ($20) is made of a plastic tube with perches. For finches, a wire cage feeder that allows the birds to feed from any spot is better. This model also lacked a removable base.

Tube Bird Feeder Plans - Plans to make your own tube feeder.

This feeder also has six feed ports, two more than the Onyx, though the extra two are located fairly high up the tube and quickly become useless as birds eat their way through the seed. It’s important to note that the perches on this model are orientated in the traditional perpendicular manner and are not covered by the product warranty.

Tube Bird Feeders (113 Tube Bird Feeders) ..

Tube type bird feeders are about as basic and long lasting as a feeder can get. All our tube style feeders (unless otherwise noted) are guaranteed for life against squirrel damage. They can be used as is or with a added to suit your needs. We feature tube bird feeders from Aspects, Droll Yankee, and more. Depending upon the configuration, you can attract a wide variety of birds or very limited species. Some tube feeders even have feeding ports that only accommodate black oil sunflower seed or thistle (aka Njyer) seed for finches.