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A real-world propositionConsidering all of the above questions, let's look at an example and see ifyou can determine what the proper response to a repair-or-replace scenariowould be. Imagine that you purchased a name-brand trimmer 3 years ago for$350. It has worked flawlessly and never needed repairs. A new employee,however, accidentally uses the wrong gasoline and ruins the engine. Therepair shop gives you the cost for a repair. Your options:

Highly fuel efficient design costs less to operate - up to 50% less than a two-stroke trimmer!

After hours of testing with and , we still think that of all the battery-powered trimmers we’ve used, the Wahl Lithium Ion all-in-one trimmer provides the cleanest lines, for the price, consistently offering an even trim with or without a beard guard—a feat that many of the more expensive trimmers we tested had difficulty with. During our tests, we did feel the trimmer tug at hair a few times, but not as hard or as often as either the Panasonic ER-GB60-K or the Wahl Lithium Ion Beard & Stubble trimmer did. Overall, it provided a comfortable trimming experience. The pricey Bevel trimmer was able to match the Lithium Ion in the area of cutting clean lines without tugging at our facial hair. But again, it costs far more and lacks the versatility that our inexpensive Wahl pick provides.

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Many factors affect the cost of tree trimming by a professional company. They include: Even a well-mowed property can look sloppy without the occasional follow-up with a string trimmer to clear away weeds and other tall growth around obstacles and along the lawn’s perimeter. Here are a few top picks from that cost $150 or less.

Panasonic ER415SC Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Welcome to our GreenBroz Employment Cost Savings & ROI Calculator. Here at GreenBroz, our goal is to get you on your way saving time, money and labor. Start by simply entering a few key numbers, like how many pounds per day your business needs to trim during harvest season to get the job done, and the calculator will work magic for you!

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Question 2: What is the repair cost of the current equipment?This is important because when repair labor rates run in the $40-per-hourrange, the cost of labor for a repair can quickly surpass the cost of atrimmer.*Answer A: If you chose answer A, you need to consider more than the highcost upfront that you'll pay. For example, most small-power-equipmentmanufacturers change their models every year. A 3-year-old trimmer isprobably no longer being made. Though replacement parts are probably stillavailable, they may not be in a short time. Next year, if your gear casegoes out, you'll likely find that it's no longer available. As thesedisposable trimmers get a few years on them, then, the authorized dealerswill stock fewer of their parts. If and when this trimmer goes into therepair shop, it could be weeks before mechanics find parts.