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Hand made aquarium decoration from burned clay. Tree trunk illuminated with 2 strong red or blue led lights. Cool aquarium decoration. Your fish will love to swim and hide inside. To see full range of illuminated aquarium decoration click here

Beautiful 6.5" Resin Aquarium Hollow Tree Trunk Decoration/Ornament SHIP FROM US #Unbranded

Solid wood furniture brings a natural essence to any room. You will see different models and designs in the gallery below but all of the unique tree trunk coffee table ideas can be used as decorative pieces both indoors and outdoors and will always be in harmony with your interior.

Nov 3, 2015 - Opt for a natural tree trunk decoration

Beautiful 5" High Resin Hollow Tree Trunk Decoration/Ornament (SHIP FROM USA) #Unbranded Carve the tree trunk and use sandpaper to make the inner surfaces of the plant container smooth. Paint the entire pot to protect it from water and dirt. Following the same principle, you could craft other tree trunk planters, try out new forms or dramatic designs. Design a beautiful floral corner on the balcony or arrange the flower pots on shelves in the living room and they will make you feel closer to nature. This flower pot design fits well with ultra modern, minimalist or classic style decoration in living rooms. Simple idea for maximum effect.

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At first glance meets the tree trunk decoration as such no double function in the House. However, our today’s example proves just the opposite. Some great tree trunks can be determined at home as decoration. At the same time, you could also Spice it up and let them occupy the function of a flower pot. So have the beauty of the tree trunks at home and need no additional space for container plants. They are still so great accents in the room that you would need a little more decoration.

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Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos paints trees trunks and branches in rich sapphire blue color. His project Blue Trees is one of green ideas that bring people’s attention to the environmental problems and saving the forests. The artist uses safe for trees paint for decorating and create impressive natural installations.Here’s an unexpected decorating element: try incorporating a tree trunk or two for a stylish and affordable way to bring the charm of nature to your decorating. It’s for country folk and city dwellers alike. … check out these 12 ideas after the break!
Have you got an old tree cut down and you are left with a trunk or stump? If yes then view these ideas and use the tree trunk or stump to decorate your home:Trees are a beautiful part of nature; their serene and relaxing aura is part of what makes enjoying the outdoors so enjoyable, and these terrific tree trunk creations are a great way to bring a small slice of nature indoors. Nature’s leftovers can be creatively transformed into amazing additions outside or even inside the home. From furniture to decorative pieces, the possibilities seem to go on and on. So if you want some good ideas for adding some rustic style to your home, you’ll love these images. Whether you’re someone who loves the beauty of nature, or are just looking to enhance your interior decor with some eclectic items, these tree trunk creations will definitely leave a lasting impression. Take a look!