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Use a pet carrier. For two guinea pigs, the carrier should be at least 12 inches wide x 19 inches long x 12 inches high. Do no substitute with another carrier and do no substitute with a cardboard box, small cage, open top tub, laundry basket, etc. Cardboard boxes and things like laundry baskets aren't secure enough. There's too big of a risk of the guinea pig getting loose. Small cages are not appropriate either, because they do not provide sufficient protection. The guinea pig will fly about a small cage if you make a sudden maneuver while transporting and likely will get his/her feet caught in the cage wires, which can lead to serious injury.

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The Marchioro Susan 120 Cage for Small Animals with Wheels is very similar to the Tommy 120 Cage from Marchioro we discussed before, but it escapes one of the major pitfalls of the Tommy Cage by building the cage into a wheeled frame that doesn't require any plastic clips. The cage and frame stand three feet tall off of the ground, which will leave the cage at an accessible height for children but will have adults bending over to reach down in to the cage. While this cage only has one front door as opposed to the Tommy Model cage's two front doors, the entire lid of this cage opens up like a clamshell and will provide you with easy access to all areas of your guinea pig's cage. This cage is ideal for someone who wants a well made cage out of the box that is elevated off of the ground, but it can be a hassle to assemble and disassemble so anyone moving or traveling frequently will want to look elsewhere.

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Remove your guinea pig from the cage and put it in a guinea-pig proofed room or a travel carrier When we talk about the minimum cage size, we're talking about flat, uninterrupted running space. Uninterrupted running space means that the space is not split by a divider that the guinea pigs need to climb or walk over, it's not connected to another section of the cage by any narrow path, and there is not a ramp to an additional level taking up a significant amount of room that prevents the guinea pigs from having a wide open race track to run in. This is extremely important in large social groups, as it will prevent a dominant guinea pig from blocking off access to part of the habitat by taking over a certain section and keeping the other guinea pigs from comfortably getting by.

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TSA security does not prohibit you from traveling with your pet but never allow your guinea pig inside the carrier or cage when passing through the X-ray machine. Remove your pet from the cage and hold it close to you when passing through the metal detector. You can wrap it in a towel if it stresses, but keep in mind, the TSA officers are looking for suspicious mannerisms and they do reserve the right to conduct a visual and physical inspection of your guinea pig if they deem it necessary. Talk about stressing your guinea pig!

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