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There are many ways of teaching loose leash walking and you may want to use several of the methods below. The most important thing is that, while you are teaching this skill, you must NEVER allow the dog to pull on the leash. We understand that this is hard because you may want to take your dog for a walk before he is fully proficient at not pulling. Use one or more of the methods explained here to train your dog and if you must walk him on leash before he understands not to pull, use a walking tool that helps to prevent pulling (see section at the end of this handout on “Walking Tools”).

Training Tip of the Week with Cathy Mayer. How to get your dog to walk with a "loose leash".

Jersey Shore Dogs' loose leash walking training will help you and your dog improve on your daily walks, making them safer, manageable and most importantly, more enjoyable.

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​​​Prerequisites: Must complete Training Express: Loose Leash Walking I AND Dog is must be at least 6 months old. Teach your dog to maintain a loose leash. Train your dog () to walk at your side on a loose-leash. Whether he’s in a formal heel or not may not matter so much. But the leash must be loose and he must know where he is in relation to you. Beginning with a loose leash alleviates a lot of the frustration and tension he feels that contributes to an over-reaction when he sees other dogs (squirrels, or rabbits or kids). I realize I am dropping this tip in here like it’s really easy; sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not.

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One of the most difficult things dog owners struggle with is being able to take their dog on a leisurely walk. All owners should train their dogs to go on a “loose leash walk.” This type of walk is simply one where the dog does not pull. There are many benefits to training your dog to do this.

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Loose Leash Walking Dog Training Class runs for 3 sessions and an optional 4th session fieldtrip and a cost of $65.00. *If you are a returning student from our basic manners class and you enroll in or intermediate dog class you receive a 10% discount. Need a way to walk your dog during the time it takes to teach Loose Leash Walking? I recommend a special harness called Easy Walk by the Premier Company (ask for it at pet supply stores) or order from JB Pet Supplies from the image link below. This harness is an instant cure (but it only works when on).What is different about this harness is that the leash clips in front of the harness. When the dog starts to pull, the harness actually starts to turn him towards you, very effectively ending the pulling. If the harnes is not enough, or if you dog is showing any aggression while out walking, then buy a head halter instead. This are by far the most effective training tools (far more ffective then prong collars), but you will likely need to take some time to acclimate your dog to the feel of the halter on his head. They do not cause any pain at all, but do feel funny at first. So when you put it on him the first few times, be ready to distract him with tasty treats and keep moving so he stops thinking about it. You must keep a light touch on the leash when using a head halter - do not hang onto it! My favorite brands are the Comfort Halter and the Gentle Leader.