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And as the loud, high-energy music blasted from the workout room, a mountain of toys, including Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels, sat at the gym's entrance. People have brought in everything from bicycles to cash donations, year after year, the head trainer said.

Why are food-dispensing toys so great for dogs? The Dog Trainer explains. Plus – 4 awesome toys that will keep your dog happy and busy.

Toys, balls, and any other fidget reliever are great training tools. When participant’s hands are busy, it can create a physical, emotional, and intellectual connection with the material they are learning, making it easier to recall the information when they need it. Remember, it is important to have a toy for each participant in the class. When only one person has a toy or game, other participants tend to shift their attention and watch the person play with their toy or game. The variety of toys you can bring to a training session is as long and wide as your imagination. However, be sure the toys you bring don’t have distracting noises, flashing lights, are too complex, or are too hard (may cause injuries if thrown). Here is a possible list of toys, puzzles, balls, and other fidget relievers that have been successful for other facilitators:

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Shop for fences, dog training collars, bark collars, harnesses, doors, fountains, feeders, toys, treats, and more. Tomy and Tomy Pokémon Links:
Tomy Pokémon:
Tomy Ash's Pokémon Monition Activated Trainer Gloves with Sound:

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PupBox is with you every step of the way! Our mission is to help you navigate the many joys of puppyhood. Each month you and your baby will receive a box filled with all of the toys, treats, accessories and training information you need to be the best puppy parent pawsible! Everything is customized, and will grow with your pup, changing based on your baby's changing needs.

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Slinging weights around at the gym can get boring fast. So at a personal trainers’ conference last month in Alexandria, I went on the hunt for the newest exercise “toys” — the props designed to boost the efficacy (and hopefully the fun) of a workout. Here are three, also available for home use, that trainers are likely to be playing up soon at a gym near you. Uncle Milton Captain America Shield Trainer Toys New York Toy Fair 2014

Uncle Milton Captain America Shiled Trainer
Uncle Milton Star Wars Jedi Telescope
Uncle Milton Mini Science Labs
Uncle Milton Screechin' Squirrl Whirler

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The Force Trainer II Hologram Experience is the follow up to another released in 2009, and it is a decent upgrade. All that one did was allow users to "levitate" a ball in a cylinder. (There are other relatively disappointing mental-control toys like the .)It seems like holograms are the latest rage for toys, especially for Star Wars fans since holograms are used throughout the films. They are used to send messages, look at maps and ship plans, communicate, and to just show off images. Little does one know, these are also used for training of the Force.