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Hi kids, racetoytime here, we are going to show some Adventure Force and Kid Connection Dinosaur Toys with lights and sound - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Spinosaurus. Please subscribe to our channel and make sure to check out our other fun videos! Leave a comment below if you like and like and share our videos with your friends. And as always, Thanks for watching!

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Adorable plush dog toys with "talking chips" inside that make each toy sound real.

Ever wonder what it feels like to operate a real Cat machine? Find out with our Caterpillar line of construction toys. With exciting lights, sounds and motorized actions you’ll experience “The Feel of Real” every time you play!

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Jeffers Plush Toys with Real Sounds* are adorable plush dog toys with Create youth-inspired soundscapes for any purpose with one of one hundred professionally-designed patch presets, like Lunchbox Lead, Unicorn Tears, Peanut Butter Nap, Mood Ring, and Candy from Strangers. Alternatively, open up the Sound Library's toy box of audio samples and discover over two hundred new sounds to manipulate within Iris, including wooden blocks, laser guns, dollhouses, wind-up cars, squeak-toys and xylophones.

Toys R Us Plush 34 inch Stick Horse with Sound - Pink

Toys with music, lights, sounds, kids songs & nursery rhymes compilation 1 HOUR for kids, babies & toddlers.

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Children's toys with low batteries sound creepy. - YouTube

When our youngest son Tyler was diagnosed with congenital blindness, we increased the number of toys and activities with sound effects in our toy boxes; some we bought, some we modified. We attached bells of all kinds to elastic and then attached them to toys so he could easily find his favorites. We stuffed toys with crinkly plastic bags, and strung metal canning rings on a string to provide more sounds and activities. We also searched the stores for even more toys to provide auditory enjoyment. The technology of sound-producing toys seemed to be expanding at that time. We found a small cassette player, an electronic keyboard, and stuffed animals with sewn-in buttons that produced high pitched electronic music when you squeezed them. A combination of new toys, old favorites, modified toys, and a few inventions he made himself provided hours of enjoyment and learning.For parents of kids with special needs, these high-tech toys can be both a help and a hindrance. While the sound effects and noises can motivate a child to press a button, move toward an object, or complete a task, a toy with additional noises and sounds can make the child vulnerable to activities that can quickly evolve into non-functional repetitive (stereotypic) actions.
A child who is blind may get much enjoyment out of a teapot set that sings “I’m a little teapot” when the pot is tilted a certain way, but may miss out on the intended use of the toy, which is to facilitate pretend play. Instead of setting out tea cups and pouring a pretend cup of tea for each of her dollies, that child may repeatedly tilt the teapot to play the song over and over. A toy ambulance that cries out with a wonky siren when dropped or thrown may be great fun, but it is intended to be a part of a pretend script. Like the tea pot, this toy can unintentionally stimulate and reinforce stereotypic behavior that is harmful to the child’s development; exactly the opposite of what you wanted the toy to do.