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Size is the first thing anyone notices when looking at a TV character toy. In some cases, there may only be one size to consider. However, for more popular TV series, there may be multiple figures in a range of sizes. Therefore, it is important to think about the age of the child and their preferred style of play. Older children may like miniatures while small children may prefer larger action figures or stuffed versions. Size should also be considered in relation to other toys the child may have. Many children will use a TV character toy with other action figures even if they do not technically go together. Therefore, picking a TV character toy of approximately the same scale can help encourage a wider range of play for children.

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Kids' shows often teach morality and instill good values in children. When reenacting the episodes with TV character toys, children reinforce those lessons. Many characters teach honesty, respect, and friendship while explaining the differences between right and wrong. TV characters become role models for children, and playing with these toys helps kids connect with positive values and personality traits.

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Mar 16, 2017 - Some of our bestselling items are as seen on TV kids toys Sign up to track 10 nationally aired TV ad campaigns for . In the past 30 days, Pressman Toys has had 308 airings and earned an airing rank of #1,352 with a spend ranking of #1,250 as compared to all other advertisers. Competition for Pressman Toys includes , , , , and the other brands in the industry. You can connect with Pressman Toys on , and .

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There are lots of toys on store shelves to choose from and the cost can really add up. Children often want every toy they see in the store and on TV. It’s up to adults to choose the best toys for the money they have to spend. How do you choose good toys that children will really like to play with?

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Nowstalgic Toys was founded by Carl Zealer in 2004. Carl started selling the product, Squirmles; a popular toy from the 1970's, at flea markets and fairs. He realized the potential of selling "pocket money toys" but the issue he ran into was that he could not replicate himself, and there was only so much he could demo. Carl decided it was time to develop a solution. He came out with his first prototype of a "view box" - an acrylic screen display that would play video off an SD card and would fit next to the cash register.

Today, Nowstalgic Toys carries over 15 TV impulse products, and have multiple display options, including the newly released "Instoremercial" device, which clips to the front peg hooks, plays without a power cord, and will display the product commercials over 1,500 times before ever having to change out the batteries. Nowstalgic Toys products as well as Instoremercial Displays can be found in major retail chains all over the United States.

Affordable toys and innovative displays have proven effective and continue to give Nowstalgic Toys recognition and continuous growth.

Sign up to track nationally aired TV ad campaigns for . Competition for Blip Toys includes , , , , and the other brands in the industry. You can connect with Blip Toys on .