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Projectile Toys can cut skin, blind or deafen a child who is struck in the eye or ear. Projectile toys now come in many more forms than simple, old fashioned rubber dart guns – including foot-bellows-powered rocket launchers, mechanical windup or string powered hand launchers for flying dolls or more powerful dart guns or slingshot or crossbow-like toys.

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Stuffed toys: Make sure stuffed toys have safe stuffing, and no small parts that could be swallowed. Toys made just for pets, or kids 3 years of age and younger, are generally safe.

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If pry-toys gem installed correctly, you should see  as one of the plugins in the list. I have a special drawer with Zoe’s toys that need supervision. I may be paranoid, but with good reason. When I was a child one of our kitties swallowed string and I watched in horror as my Dad slowly pulled it out of her mouth. I now know that is NOT safe to do, but we were lucky and the kitty was fine.
My cats have always loved to play with those plastic covers around the neck of a Listerine bottle after I take it off, but once one of them swallowed a piece he chewed off. He gagged it up after scaring me half to death…lol! Now it’s extremely close supervision and picking it up after, or not giving it to my kitty at all if she isn’t around when I remove it.
We cannot be too careful with our fur babies!

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I am SO glad I saw this post! Just yesterday I was wondering about the safety of Go Cat toys and now I know to keep an eye on how they are aging. I have always kept them in a drawer along with other string toys. BTW, I give our kitties toy mice and will now remove all the glued-on bits. Thanks very much for the info!

Crib toys should not have cords or strings longer than 6 inches

For the toy to move, you must apply a force that is at least as great as the frictional force trying to stop it. The weight of the mass pulls along the string and provides the force that results in the toy's motion. The string pulls diagonally, though, and only the horizontal component of the force makes the toy move forward.String can be deadly: Contrary to the cute pictures of kittens with balls of yarn, string can be dangerous. Cats can’t spit things out, only throw them up or pass them. Strings or rubber bands caught in intestines can kill a cat, so always store these things out of reach. Many toys have strings dangling off of them, that, once ingested, can kill your cat. Please be very careful when picking toys.From the time we are born we have a relationship with . Toys help us hone our senses of sight, hearing, and touch, develop physical coordination, and become keys to express our interests. Toys entertain us, help us relieve stress and boredom, and burn off excess energy.Toy rotation: Switch out toys once in a while (except for the toy she plays with or snuggles with every day – don’t make that one disappear).