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The Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Birds with Cage from Moose Toys is a collection of interactive toy birds in cages that come to life when you play with them. Turn it on, and you'll hear 30 different bird calls. The bird even whistles several classic songs such as "London Bridge," "Yankee Doodle," and "Bingo." Record your own voice and have the pet play it back. Just press the button, speak into the bird, and that's it. You can play it back with another touch of the button, or it may randomly repeat your phrase as you play with it. To nurture your bird, hold it in your hand and stroke its head and back. The bird responds to your touch.

Plush toys and hands-on games featuring the birds from the popular Angry Birds game.

Assess the safety of a new toy by supervising your bird's play activities with the toy for the first few days. With certain toys, it is best to always remove them when you are not available to supervise. If you have any doubts about a toy's safety, remove it immediately. Only purchase bird toys from manufacturers that label their toys as lead and zinc free. Stainless steel products are pricey but safe and long-lasting. Check toys daily for missing parts, tear and wear.

Toy Size: The size of the toy should be appropriate for your bird. Small bird toys are not made to withstand the beaks of a larger parrot, who may get hurt by ingesting / swallowing parts of the toy.

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Little Live Pets Bird Cage Love Birds Double Pack - Moose Toys - Toys "R" Us Any bird cage ought to contain at least three toys. For doves and finches, the bulk of their toys will be ladders, swinging perches, and small wooden items that they can re-arrange like a miniature version of a toddler’s blocks. Don’t be surprised if your finch carries or pushes a certain toy around the cage repeatedly, for weeks on end. She’s indulging her nest-designing hobby. If you keep any of the jungle-types of parrots, there should be a section of the cage that is so full of toys that the birds can actually conceal themselves in the mess. And all parrots need items to chew into splinters, whether their wild cousins hail from the jungles or the deserts.

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Despite the drinking bird's appearance and classification as a toy, some safety considerations additional to the potential danger of thin shards of glass apply should the bulb break. Early models were often filled with highly flammable substances, though the fluid in later versions is nonflammable. Dichloromethane can irritate the skin on contact and the lungs if inhaled. It may be dangerous to people with pre-existing heart, liver, or nervous system conditions and is a suspected carcinogen.

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Completely dumbfounded, he proceeds to peck at the toys until neither is left standing. He is not going to let these strange birds just sit around with their weird noises!Little Live Pets are new interactive toy pets that enable you have your own fully interactive toy pet shop at home.

The new Little Live Pets toy range includes: Fluttering Butterflies, Tweet Talking Birds that sing tweet and chirp,
Sweet talking Puppy and the sweet talking kitten and duck.
Clever Keet - The smartest interactive toy bird in the world
Dizzy Dash Mouse
Swimstar Turtle with realistic movement
Wild Pets are realistic interactive scary spiders

Filmed by Clubit TV at the London Toy Fair 2015 on the Character Toys booth.