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Before starting on a puppy crate training schedule, you need to get the right crate. With hundreds of them available, it can be a daunting task. Follow the tips below to find the right one for you and your pet.

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I have had this puppy for about 11 weeks now, and he is 16 weeks old. He is a lab/pitbull mix, and has been sleeping in the bed with my every night. This makes sleep almost impossible, but he is a rescue pup that I felt needed special attention the first few weeks because of some minor health issues. I would like to start crate training him, but I'm worried that it will be ineffective since we have been letting him sleep in our bed for 11 weeks. Is this a good idea, any tips or tricks to help me out? He is a spoiled puppy and someone is always with him everyday, so he is rarely left alone.

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May 30, 2014 - Tips for crate training a puppy: Here's a great way to keep your pup calm--and your house intact--when you need to be away. Like babies, puppies cannot control their bladders until they mature (usually between 3 and 6 months). Lucky us, dogs have a natural instinct to avoid eliminating in their dens. Therefore, confining your puppy in his crate for the proper amount of time encourages him to "hold it" until you take him outside for a walk. Here is a FREE step by step guide on housebreaking and (including the rules of crate training and additional crate training tips).

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In my opinion, when people put puppy pads on the floor to train a puppy to go potty on the pad, all they are really doing is teaching the puppy or dog that it is okay to go potty inside the house. They say the smaller breeds need them because they have to go more often which may be true in some cases. I guess I’ve been lucky because my two small dogs were also crate trained the old fashioned way and it has worked like a charm. It only takes a couple of weeks of consistency to crate train your dog or puppy (that is if you follow the crate training tips mentioned below). I have SIX dogs in the house now (2 deaf and three hearing) and we never ever have “accidents” inside the house. Also with a deaf dog it helps with leaving the deaf dog in a safe place if you have to go somewhere or for traveling in the car.

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I think these are great tips! We used the ASPCA’s “guide to weekend crate training.” I had the luxury of stretching it out over ten days (I got to work from home for two weeks when the puppy came home), and it worked really well. One of the tips I took from that was to vary the value of the treats I left in her crate and include some high value items, because she would quickly learn that the crate might REALLY pay off.We gathered advice from two of Rover’s partners, the Humane Society and ASPCA, for the best tips on crate training a puppy. While you may think it’s harsh, crate training a puppy actually helps that dog develop confidence and a sense of security. Plus, life will be easier for you! Read on for a step-by-step guide.