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A trolley system expands on the basic tie-out. Instead of having a leash attached to a stationary location, a trolley tie-out leash attaches to an overhead cable, similar to a clothesline. The main line can run from two trees in the yard or from your home to a distant tree. This creates and extended area for your dog to explore and run.

You & Me Red Large Canine Zipline Dog Tie-Out Cable with Trolley, 100' L, For Dogs up to 100 Lbs.

GregRobert Pet Supplies offers low prices on many brands of Tie-outs, Runners and Trolleys including:, Aspen Cider Mill, Four Paws, and other selections.

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Tie Out Dog Trolley Highly recommended for cable or chain tie-out and trolley situations. Consists of one large snap-clip attached to a heavy spring. This design goes between the anchor point and the cable or chain and absorbs the stress of a dog lunging against its cable (after a cat or another dog for example). Lessens the impact on the tieout components themselves, reducing the chance of breakage, and most importantly eases the sudden impact on the dog's neck when it reaches the end of its chain.

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Since I think this is probably a sensitive subject to some people, I am going to briefly go over what I think are the pros and cons of all four types of containment (fence, invisible fence, trolley, and tie-out) for building a run for a single large dog. My assumption is that the dog run is within a secured, fenced yard and not being used as the sole means of containment.

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$24.24-$29.99 Petmate Super Dog Tieout trolley features 50 ft of super strong, galvanized aircraft cable, coated with crack –resistant vinyl that have a 4200 pound break strength.We're considering a dog tie out or trolley just to keep her safe. We only want to use it while we are in the yard with her. Just to allow her play time without worrying about her darting out to the front yard and into traffic.$18.59-$30.99 25' Dog Trolley Cable with 10' Medium Dog Tie Out Leash - Top quality steel airline cable with a weather resistant coating. Extends out to 25' in length. Includes a 10' medium dog tie out for dogs up to 30 lbs. Tie outs for larger dogs sold separately. Accessories: 2 screw hooks, 2 cable clamps and a pulley. Give your pet the freedom to run and exercise. Visit our store for ad ...If you want to score some brownie points from your canine pal, consider a trolley tie-out system. Trolley systems consist of two cables. One runs above your pup's head, between trees or wooden posts anchored into the ground. The other attaches to the overhead cable via a few hooks and clamps. A pulley enables your barking friend to run from one end to the other. While a little more time-consuming to install, trolley systems allow your pup to run more freely than stake tie-out systems and also make tangling far less of a possibility, although they don't outright prevent it.