This product is among several “Thunder” brand products for pets. Most pet owners are familiar with the highly-advertised ThunderShirt. Newer “thunder” products include ThunderSpray, ThunderToy, ThunderTreat – and today’s focus, the ThunderLeash.

ThunderLeash is an effective, drug-free training leash. Also works with ThunderShirt.

The first night I put it on her, she slept through the entire night. It’s incredible! When it’s getting close to bed time, she stands by her Thundershirt and barks until I put it on her… I can’t believe it! And I couldn’t get her to sit still for anything before, but with the ThunderShirt she sits like a statue to put on leashes or anything.

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Thunderleash - Pink Standard | ThunderShirt Brought to you by the same innovative makers of the Thundershirt, the ThunderLeash is a great addition to your dog's supply box. The ThunderLeash is designed to be used as a simple standard leash, or a harness for dogs that pull their owners. Available in small and large sizes, the ThunderLeash is a safe and effective way to stop your dog from pulling you during walks. The ThunderLeash simply attaches to your dog's collar for a standard leash configuration, or slips around your dog's chest and works as a "no pull" harness.

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When taking your pet outside to potty or when going out on walks on the days surrounding Independence Day, keep your pet on a leash or a long line to prevent escape and subsequent harm. Pets can be walked and taken outside with their ThunderShirt to make outings less frightening even with fireworks around. Exercise provides an outlet to channel excess energy in dogs; it also releases calming endorphins. If you use a regular flat collar, you may opt for a martingale type instead that tightens on the neck without choking the dog to prevent the animal from backing out of the collar on walks if startled. For pets who react to the sight of fireworks, consider using a , which reduces the visual stimuli, making it less frightening.

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Overall it was an uneventful week mainly because I didn’t get Linus out during the daytime. There were mixed results with the (aff link), but we’ll continue to use it on Linus’ walk…if anything it probably keeps him a little bit warmer during this cold spell. So I guess the answer to our original question: Does The Thundershirt Solve Dog Leash Aggression Problems?MAYBE…we need more data for a more conclusive answer.My dog, Shiner, and I test out the new ThunderLeash which is made by the same company who created the ThunderShirt. The leash is designed to apply gentle pressure against a dog's chest to discourage leash pulling.

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Thanks for sharing your experience of using the Thundershirt to help with dog leash aggression problems. Have you become more conclusively satisfied since your last comment that it’s really helped?ThunderShirt gifted me with their new ThunderSnap and Dial-A-Distance leash products for my 3 dogs (the , if you are on Instagram!) And these items are great! Easy on my old-lady hands.