Oscar Mayer Thick Cut Bacon 16 oz

Our delicious thick cut bacon has the same great taste as our favorite Hatfield bacon. But there's more bacon to love, because it's thick bacon.

Landor’s design for Butcher Thick Cut Bacon received gold in the 2015 Graphis Design Annual.

So there you have it. Standard, all-purpose bacon can be used for typical strips with breakfast or incorporated in other dishes. Thick-cut bacon is the best choice for using chopped up bacon or bacon bits with salads or pastas. And if you’re watching your weight and cholesterol, but can’t get enough bacon, try center-cut.

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This delicious, extra thick-cut bacon is hickory-smoked three times for a robust, hearty flavor. Since the new packaging hit shelves in August 2013, sales of Butcher Thick Cut Bacon have increased, prompting new distribution opportunities. The design is being used internally by Oscar Mayer as a means of inspiring better design across the company’s entire product portfolio.

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Landor noticed something interesting about bacon packaging: Most of the real estate isn’t on the front; it’s on the back. So we flipped the package over and began using the back panel as the front—effectively tripling the amount of space with which we had to work, while instantly differentiating Butcher Thick Cut from every other bacon on the market.

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It goes with just about anything, or nothing at all. Great in the morning, great at lunch, and even great with dinner. Shoot, I’ve even gone into the fridge late at night and grabbed some extra pieces that were laying around. C’mon, it’s bacon! But what I really love, more than any other kind of bacon is thick cut bacon, and it my house, it’s the only way to go. Bacon cooked in the oven definitely gets crispy, but I also find that it retains a bit of chewiness near the middle, especially when cooking thick-cut bacon. I love this, but if you love your bacon crispy through and through, then you might try baking it on top of a metal cooling rack set over the baking sheet. Lifting the bacon up lets it cook from all sides and get even crispier.There are only two important steps here, first, always buy thick cut bacon, don’t go for the thin sliced stuff, it’s not worth your time. Seriously, thick cut or nothing! Second, bake it in the oven, which leaves you free to do other thinks and makes clean up a snap!

Sliced American is cut from a side of cured and/or smoked fatty pig belly and sold in packages without its rind.

It comes in three sizes: Thin-sliced bacon has about 35 strips per pound; regular-sliced bacon has 16-20; and thick-cut has just 12-16 strips per pound.