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This one of a kind, twin size Teepee Bed Tent is perfect for any child! Far more durable and unique than those found in stores! We carefully create a fabric teepee from scratch and send to you with ceiling mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions. Teepee suspends from ceiling from two hooks, and secures under the mattress by string. Does not mount directly to the bed, and is easily removable. Simply indicate your desired color when ordering, and we will begin creating your…

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Imagine travelling around in a truck in which you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed. Well, almost! There’s actually an amazing variety of truck bed tents for you to choose from. Wonderfully easy to put up and tear down, these tents will ensure you’re always ready for any adventure, anytime, anywhere.

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Build an indoor camping tent bed canopy for kids | The Ragged Wren on Remodelaholic With this standard truck bed tent in tow, you can now pull off the road whenever you wish to rest or sleep through the night. It’s remarkably easy to set up, with its floorless design precluding the need to remove the gear from the bed. The color-coded poles and pole pockets further facilitate easy installation without tarps, stakes or guy lines to complicate the process. The tent is made of water resistant fabric, with sealed tape seams for additional protection. The sky view vent is great for letting in more light during the day, while providing a great experience of sleeping under the stars at night.

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For this room, I used a toddler bed (from ), pushing it against the wall. You could also use a twin bed, and have it come straight out form the wall. When my son out grows this bed, I plan to use a twin coming straight out. There will be room inside the tent, on both sides of the bed, for some kind of tree stump nightstands. (Though I'm sure the “remodelaholic” in me will be changing the whole room by then!)

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Privacy Pop Tent Orange // Brilliant idea for room-sharers, summer-campers, and dorm-dwellers! #product_design #industrial_design this would make such a cute Boho Gypsy bed, love itAll around protection: the fine mesh that is used to make this tent even protects from bed bugs that will crawl on the ceiling and drop down onto the bed. The fine meshing that is used for the tent is even smaller than 400 holes per sq inch (standard No-see-um mesh size) at more than 600 holes per sq inch. Therefore, this tent provides almost a protective bubble on all sides so that bed bugs cannot penetrate or pass from any side whether it is from the bottom or even from the top. Privacy Pop is a tent that attaches to most any standard-issue twin or full size bed to form a cocoon of seclusion while sleeping, studying, or performing other -ing endeavors that require shielding from the curious eyes of third parties. Privacy Pop is also an effective way to keep the blinding light of morning from infiltrating your peaceful state of slumber/heavy drunken pass out post-winning the dorm's Irish Car Bomb Challenge. The bed tent earns the "Pop" part of its moniker from its easy portability and compaction traits. Privacy can travel anywhere now, folding down into a small carrying case for use not only during stints at college and Buddhist commues, but also rowdy vacations or sleepovers when alone time is at a premium.DreamTents™ are fun pop up tents that give your child their own private world at night. There’s an Undersea World, a Fairy Tale Forest, a Winter Wonderland, a Space Adventure, and so many more! DreamTents™ make bedtime fun!