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Slazenger is a British manufacturer which concentrates on racket sports including tennis, golf, cricket and hockey. Founded in 1881, it is one of the oldest surviving sporting brand names. It also holds the distinction of having the longest sporting sponsorship in world history thanks to its association with the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, providing Tennis balls for the tournament since 1902.

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When it comes to premium performance tennis balls, the best tennis balls are perhaps the Wilson US Open ones. Wilson branded balls are used in the US Open, Fed Cup, David Cup, and the Australian Open too. In the case of the US Open, it’s been the official ball for nearly 40 years, and annually over 60,000 balls get used in the competition. The product naturally is approved by both the USTA and ITF for aggressive competition.

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In this guide, we will go over the best tennis ball brands to purchase, as well as balls for specific surfaces such as hard and clay courts. With their many years of experience, they already had a solid reputation among tennis athletes. In the world of sports, the mentioned top brands of tennis balls are tested and proven effective to be capable of providing an experience a game that is thrilling and satisfying game.

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Professionals go to great lengths to make sure they gain a competitive edge over their opponents and this is particularly true in the highly competitive world of tennis. Everything matters and gear is of critical importance, but in order to make an educated decision, you need to know your options. When it comes to tennis balls, the brand matters of course, but a distinction needs to be made between the types of balls.

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Tennis balls is the basic material in the sport. Therefore, it is necessary to play with durable tennis balls. To mention a few, there are some brands that can give you the best possible quality of tennis balls. Penn
Wilson With the top brands mentioned, you can surely play at your best with durable tennis balls. Why choose these brands? Their tennis balls can give you a great serving in the tennis sport. The tennis balls can give you a livelier and energetic bounce for you to have a great play. The Dunlop, Penn, Prince and wilson tennis balls are the best brands that can serve you with the best balls which in return, can help you win every game.