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We have bought 3 of the Bouncing Teeter Totters for our grandchildren and they love the feeling of bouncing up and down on it. This teeter totter, or see saw, is their favorite ride on toy and they even get some good exercise while having fun. It will be good to have it in the house this winter to help the grand kids burn off some of their extra energy.

The Step2 Play Up Teeter Totter is a classic outdoor play toy with a modern and fresh look.

I own an indoor playground where this airplane teeter totter is the most played with toy. Everyone loves it. My children (2,5,and 8 years) all play with it. They have spent many hours pretending on this airplane. It is very sturdy and handles 7 children at a time on it with no problem. One word of warning though...assembly took a long time (I think it was about 3 hours of tedious work.). Even with the assembly, this is definitely worth it.

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Materials: 1. Two long steel rods 2. Two large table clamps 3. Two 90° clamps 4. Special airplane cable 5. Teeter toy This 6′ spring teeter totter is designed for younger children. It has 1 spring, letting smaller children rock back and forth with the same action as a spring animal toy. There are handgrips and footrests, too.

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This teeter-totter provides chewing entertainment & offers climbing joy as well. Made with pet safe materials, this fun fitness toy is sure to encourage exercise & activity. Stimulating play enhances your pet's life.

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The Bouncing Teeter Totter™ is the perfect active children’s ride on toy for indoor and outdoor play. Made of sturdy tubular steel construction, the Bouncing Teeter Totter™ is designed for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school children. The gentle motion makes it a perfect ride-on toy for young children who may not be ready for a traditional seesaw. Individual play allows all children to enjoy backyard play time. Children love the near-weightless feeling at the top of the bounce and parents appreciate the active playing equipment that can be used both indoors and outside.Kids will love making their favorite characters into teetering, no-topple toys! Kids can design an army of green aliens or a crew of Sunnyside playmates.Whether they crave vestibular input or avoid it, a bouncing, teeter totter can help! When a "toy" is unique and fun, children can use it as an effective form of sensory integration therapy... and they won't even realize it IS therapy! Two Little Tikes classics in one bundle - The Alligator Teeter Totter and Whale Teeter Totter! These fun seesaws make your backyard into a playground. All of our outdoor toys are built with our legendary durability. Seesaws build balance and coordination while encouraging cooperative play.