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Tanks already have the most thankless job, we're often stuck playing a mini-game of resource management and taunt and skill rotations that aren't really flashy or impressive. The only reward a good tank gets is in their own satisfaction. People NOTICE when a boss health bar melts, people NOTICE when a healer saves their life(most times >~>) but does anyone notice when the tank makes sure the trash is collected in a nice tight circle for aoe? Does anyone notice when the tank makes sure no adds are bothering/endangering the healer? When a tank does their job, no one notices they did their job.

Online game with tanks in which you have to fight your way in the first place.

It's not my intent to push the game DPS only, but that was ZOS. The same can be seem in games like SWTOR were they implemented easy ways to complete content without the trinity and everyone can DPS. Since we are stuck with this direction (dungeons are made easier like ICP and WGT, so it's much less likely anyone will need a tank), the alternative seems put some DPS on tanks or accept tanks will be a trial commodity to be unshelved when is raid time. I'm all for the trinity but seems like ZOS isn't.

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We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download the free app Tanktastic - 3D Tanks Online by G.H.O.R. Corporation, get iTunes now. Added an "Efficiency Mode" button under the "Settings" menu (from either in game or the main menu). Although we can't guarantee anything, if you are experiencing heavy lag this new fancy button might just clear that up. It adjusts the settings, effects, and frame rate and in our experience has really boosted the game speed on slower computers.
The Sticky Enemies in the second arena "The Goober" has had it's life dropped from 18 to 10.
A new part for avatar tanks has been created: the "Mega Cannon". Essentially all it is is a glorified Heavy Cannon but for large class 4 or larger tanks with slow movement speed. It deals 1 more damage than a Heavy Cannon but costs 1 GP less. This combined with Auto Cannons, Massive Cannons, Bullet Busters, and Shields can give your large class tank a fighting chance and some really massive damage dealing capabilities (use Bullet Buster and Shield for defense). If you complete the built in Arena "The Surprise" you can unlock it. If you already beaten that Arena, it should automatically unlock for you.
Each enemy Mine Layer can only drop a maximum of 8 mines. So if you have an enemy with 2 Mine Layers it can do 16, etc... If it creates more than 8 mines out, it'll pop the oldest one.
If an enemy is composed of only a Seeker Carrier and then you pop that, the Enemy automatically dies now.
We've looked into the intro loader audio problem. Not 100% sure it is fixed, we'll find out...
If you try to edit an enemy with over 12 GP, you can now.
Cheat Code now has an option to get up to 50 GP (you cannot save tanks with over 12).
We've also made a significant number of miscellaneous security/bug fixes.

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