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All players in Tanki Online have a certain rank, which shows the progress of the player in the game. By taking part in battles, players earn experience points. The more experience points a player earns, the higher the player's rank is.

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The process of preparing Tanki Online for launch in China has almost come to its end. Numerous formalities and difficulties of translation are already behind. According to our Chinese partners the game will be popular in their country thanks to its simple and dynamic gameplay

I play Tanki Online, a free MMO action game! Let's fight together!

Eu jogo Tanki Online, um jogo de ação para multidões on-line! Vamos batalhar juntos! The Dictator is unlocked at Private. It has the 3rd most health points and moves faster than the Mammoth. Dictator is considered costly for tier one tanks, but cheap for tier two tanks. Some consider it as a stepping-stone tank from Tier One to Tier Two, or more commonly known as Tier 1.5. It is very cheap to upgrade to M3 in comparison to the other tier two tanks. Although the Dictator looks long, it has been tested that the it is the same length as the other hulls. (Measured against a wall and compared to the Viking and hornet.) The turret is mounted on the far back end of this hull, giving it the illusion that it is longer than the others. The dictator is unique in a way that while peeking around corners, only a small fraction of it is seen by the enemy by the time you are able to strike. It is wider than most tanks and that makes it harder to fit through small areas.

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Community was just beginning to form itself. Everyone was new to each other. Developers played together with all the other players. Prices were completely different, the game was full of bugs, glitches and lags. In short, one may say it was total chaos ... For example, Firebird had an awfully long visual after-effect on the enemy. This effect only vanished after server restart. Of course this bug was quickly corrected. Apart from hull and turret, it was also possible to change the tank's engine. Various elements of tanks were gradually wearing out. Hulls - with each hit they got, turrets - from every shot they fired and the engine got worn out with the distance it covered.

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Tanki Online is the , free to play and first in the world online action game based on Adobe Flash. It has more than 25 000 000 players spanning Russia, CIS, USA and Europe. Tanki Online was released in for the China market in August 2010. In Tanki Online players fight against each other, try to get more points and stay alive. These points can be reach through the destroying enemies tanks, capturing their flags and healing allies.Tanki Online é um atirador MMO gratuito com batalhas PvP em tempo real. Sem bots e sem entediantes combates, apenas furiosas batalhas de tanques com pessoas reais! Melhora o teu tanque pessoal e combate inimigos em 3D integral!